The Moonlight In My Balcony



It’s been long since I wrote my heart out,

This silver shadow in my balcony ,

Striking the window and reaching the couch

Has encouraged once again to pick up my pen and begin the journey.


It’s winters now and the cool moonlight

Bestows itself around 7 in the night

Littering the eastern sky with undying hope and a feeling to fly


This moonlight has a remarkable presence.

Even if my doors are closed I can feel and sense,

The sense of curiosity, energy, patience and love

The sense of kindness, regularity and being there above.


To keep it with me always, to capture its beauty within me

I click like a thousand pictures, come what may

To not to lose it and adore it like a baby.


As the night rises in the huge grey space

The mesmerising silver hue draws me closer to its charm and grace,

With the rising darkness comes cold and shiver

Where I walk in back, closing the doors even quicker.


But as I turn around again to fancy,

I see the moonlight not in the sky but in my balcony.


I Bid Farewell

I bid farewell

I bid farewell

The times have changed and if you are fighting for your rights and achieving everything you like, then why wait for applause, attention and appreciation. It’s your time and if you have understood this, the world will come to you. Bid Farewell to all the fullstops and commas girl! You have that power in you.

As the clock ticks 12

Another day of same old stories begins

But those are not just stories you know,

they are the reality within.

Since my childhood I have seen myself running for attention,

They have tried to give but not the real one,

for my siblings, I was like just another friend in need

the middle one who is like a lost puppy in between.

Dad never spoke to me much,

maybe coz’ he had already dealt a lot with the elder one

and was busy more and more with the youngest son.

But yes, my mom was concerned about me, I remember

she beat me, she loved me, she spoke to me, she helped me, she cried for me, she cried with me,

And we both laughed till the end of our breaths, till our belly shouted with sweet pain,

And our heart pumped blood, even more than needed.

But one day, I think, even she turned away from me.

Not completely, but yes she was no more the way she was,

maybe coz I had deviated from what she had for me,

Maybe I was becoming the master of my world in which she had a very little say,

Or maybe, I was no longer behaving the right way.

As a ‘normal middle-class girl’ should.

But mom is mom, right?

she cannot take me as just another friend, or leave me like a lost puppy in between, or do not speak to me much

Because, then she will not be a ‘normal mother’ who is well behaved and uptight.

I understand its her responsibility, priority, duty or whatever you like to say

To scold me and push me towards the right way,

That way which glitters with the word ‘settlement’ and giggles on the word ‘betterment’.

Under which she tries to understand me but ends up manipulating me.

And amidst these cobwebs enters another name,

that makes an important part of the entire game,

the one who is the reason for all the major disruptions in the trend

when my teenage was coming to an end

Yes, the so-called ‘true love of my life’

when I actually got the chance to experience attention for the first time.

But how could that be possible, especially when its me.

So, the bundle of tragedies came here too,

And many more are still in my to do!

But I stand right here like a middle class girl

With only one sentence  ‘I Bid Farewell’.

I bid farewell to all my guilts, all my mistakes, carelessness, sufferings, tragedies,

thought to care about everyone, think about everyone, to all my negativities-I bid farewell.


Why Should You Encourage Gender Diversity?

The nation is already at the peak of its development but the issue of gender diversity still has to go miles to get resolved. What does gender diversity actually means? It is not exactly about the same ratio of men and women at any organization but it is about their promotions, opportunities, salaries, hiring and a lot more at the same ad fair rate. A report by Pink Ladder stated that over 90% of women in India aspire to become CXOs but only 1.5% has actually attained that position. To add more, the companies leaded by women have recorded a return on equity of 10.1% per year vs 7.4% for those who do not have women leaders. Not only in India, researches on gender diversity have also been conducted by the World Economic Forum and according to it, 20% of Fortune 500 board members are women which also prove that gender diverse companies make more money.

Forty percent of the global workforce is female yet only 5% is at the CEO position. Representation of women at senior levels has always been a question and needs to be resolved as soon as possible. The more diverse a team is, the more it is likely to roll out best business decisions. A research by Forbes states that more diverse and innovative teams make better decisions 87% of the time, which are quick and deliver 60% better results. And of course, if the decisions are better, returns are always bigger.

Now, if only a slight difference in workforce by adding more women can bring out such results, encouraging other genders will definitely open a door to more business. Looking at the benefits of bridging the gap between men and women in the corporate world, it appears that the organizations must understand the strong need of it and work relentlessly on this matter. Many organizations have taken relevant steps to bridge this gap but despite so many efforts being made to improve the female count there was a shocking estimation by the World Economic Forum in 2017, stating that the economic gender gap would not be closed for 217 years. Have you ever thought what can be the reasons of such a disappointing fact? In a research conducted by PWC it was mentioned that around 43% of women indicated unfair and biased decisions made by the employer in the favour of men when it comes to promotions. There are no senior level female members to whom other female employees can look up to if they want to grow within the company. Organizations take this matter as the primary concern of the HR department and think they are responsible for all this but do you know what is still holding the women back? Their workplaces where the work environment is much responsible and not suitable for women.

Issues will never end but the companies must take gender diversity as a critical concern and consider it as a business priority. It should not be restricted only within the HR or just as another function; it has to be dealt at the CEO level. Once the organizations understand the priority of this issue, bridging this wide gap would be a lot easier. It’s nothing like I am a feminist or I think women are much capable than any other gender, but this is the need of every minute passing by. Infact, it’s nothing related to gender it’s more about bringing different people with varying thoughts together to nurture the future. It’s about collecting the power of plethora of imaginations.

We only need to understand that Gender diversity will always be rewarding…

Life Always Gives You A Next Chance

Life always gives you a next chance

Life always gives you a next chance

Do you believe that your life is always there next to you whenever you are in a dilemma? It helps you by showering chances. You leave one, there is next one for you, but it is you who has to decide when to leave.

I was not able to report on the joining day of my first job due to some reason. Well, now, you can  understand how painful it would have been for me to see all my friends initiating their career with great opportunities and I was there just sitting idle, cursing my fate. But as I told you, life is all about chances, hence, I was not kept in the dark for long and I was called to join the other company very soon.

As soon as I got the call the box of thoughts opened up in my brain and the confusion bean whether to go ahead with it or not.  I just suppressed them and made up my mind to finally join. I had no idea what was there next for me as so many unexpected scenarios had occurred in such a short span of time. I was happy at my workplace, though I did not like my job. My mind, body and soul all were prepared to  complete the bond of one and a half year in the company and then think about something else. So I just continued…

Your life is your real partner, it joined you when you came into this world and it will leave you only when you die. It will never leave you in between. It sometimes wants to talk to you, and I think it tries to speak when you go off the road. May be then, when you try to kill your dreams and join the rat race.

So, in my case it was trying to say that I should leave my current job! The thought of leaving the job at that point of time was  a sin for me because I had already lost one opportunity. I just ignored the suggestion and continued…

I had this passion for writing since I was a kid. I used to write poems and recite in my class. I felt very special when the whole class applauded for me, but I never thought of making it my profession. But it’s your life and it will take you to the right place surely. One day I just left my job and came back without even deciding what will I do next. I had no opportunities in my hand and I was back to the same point from where I had started, all drenched in stress and worries.

Here, I was again served with another chance and this time it was about my interest.

You see, how things are crafted in life. Sometimes, it feels as if everything is pre-planned but I think that it is up to you, when you leave one thing and try another. Until and unless you will not move how will you find ways…?

If you think you should change or grab another chance, then just thinking will not help you. Life has many things to offer but only when you move from the present. Life always gives you a next chance, do not blame it if you didn’t understand…

Are You Reading The Original Thoughts Of The Writer?

are you reading the original thoughts of the writer

are you reading the original thoughts of the writer

Recently I read a very logical article on LinkedIn. It was about how to write good stories, the most important thing that hit my conscience while reading this article was the levels of changes, editing, proof reading that go around after the writer has finished writing. Of course, this kind of scenario is mostly when there is professional content writing, where the writer begins with something and the whole output turns out to be something else. Just because that article of 500 to 600 words includes the mindset of several levels of approvals. What people get to read is some manipulated set of words. It might be that the blogs you surf daily are not what the writer really wanted to write or the professional content you go through is nothing but thoughts of someone else written totally by someone else!

My point here is not about stopping editing and proof reading but it’s about just reducing the levels. What a writer writes is the flow of words through which he/she wants to convey a thought and for bringing out the thoughts one does not have to be a professional writer but there should be truth and information in their writing. We all understand that people have their own way of thinking and what one thinks is depicted in what one writes. Yes, the levels of editing can focus on grammar, use of words, the validity of facts and figures but it cannot change the essence and the real meaning of the write up.

Being a content writer I have also faced this situation not once but many a times and to tell the truth, this really irritates me. On one hand I think it might be good because number of checks make the content more concrete but on the other hand the final output does not satisfy me. The only reason why I have to publish is because the entire process already takes so much time that in the end I feel like just posting in some or the other way. Well, I know, to bring out the best, one has to stand for what they have written and justify it. And organizations must understand that the best writing is something which is easy to understand and gives a reason to read, no matter it is being written for big tech giants or a second grade kid!



The Introvert

the introvert

When he was a school kid he longed for ‘cool’ friends

You know…those who would be the naughtiest yet the smartest.

Those friends who would do anything for one another

Be both reckless and happening at the same time.

Who would bring gifts, come overnight and even bunk,

Share every page of their books, dresses and chocolate chunks

And his desire made him find one, where he tried to adjust but couldn’t.

May be he was not as ‘cool’ as them

But yes, he tried his best to pretend.

There were parties, gifts and pranks but he was not a part of them,

he tried, tried a lot but couldn’t.

As years passed and he moved to places, his search narrowed his urge to get just one best friend

Time passed and he met a girl whom he thought could be the one,

But again for him there were no term like ‘girlfriends’.

He hesitated but tried to be with her

and slowly they became good friends.

He could share each and every thought with her

She even came anytime for him, give surprises, gifts and presents

She became a major part of his life and he became hers,

After long he had got this feeling to be really special for someone.

And it was the best one ever….ever!

Just like he had imagined since then.

But things did not go good after a while

He spoke everything to her and maybe that was his mistake

But they were best friends after all

Was it all fake?

He realized it was his problem

To open up in front of that one person whom you thought was only for you

There were gaps, glitches that made them strangers

And he was standing at the starting point again.

Introducing himself,’ Hello! I am the Introvert.’











Sanju Teaser: What Do You Have For Us?

Sanju first poster

Teaser of the upcoming movie, Sanju is out and people are falling heads over heels for this extraordinary movie which will be out in theaters on 29th June 2018. With the flood of hit biopics like those of Milkha Singh and MS Dhoni being directed, created and produced I hope Sanju will also make its release with a bang, and even more as we can see Ranbir’s relentless and flawless appearance in the teaser as well as the first poster. According to, at the launch of the movie’s teaser, director Rajkumar Hirani  stated that even Sanjay Dutt himself was taken aback by Ranbir’s performance, he said, ” I showed him a scene in the film, where RK was playing #MunnaBhai. He was quiet, I showed him again and asked if there was anything wrong. He jokingly said “This isn’t good news for me.” He was blown away.”

Sanju first poster


Well, we all know about Sanjay Dutt,  his kickass appearances as a star and also his controversial life scenarios. But what we have seen is all about what had been shown to us through news channels and newspapers. Sanju can be a sneak peek into the Khalnayaks’s real life and what really he had been through. This is merely a perception and I hope it will be a lot more than this. Entertainment mixed with the sweetness and spices of biopics about such personalities is always a thrilling experience. Who knows we might get a learning or an inspiration beyond fun and time pass from the hidden stages of his life.

sanju teaser


In the end we all are a bunch of movie buffs who await such thrilling and exciting movies because they make our 2 or 3 hours full of entertainment. So, sit in your favourite movie theater with a bucket of cheese popcorns, lights off and watch…

Oops! there is only the teaser for now!


Sanju, let’s see what you have for us!





Is Unity even Left in India Anywhere?

is unity even left anywhere in india

is unity even left anywhere in india


If you will go through this blog you will notice that my last post was around three months ago. No, it’s not because I dumped it but because I was unable to think what to write. This is the truth and I will not lie about it. Being here again after a long time I never wanted to make a comeback with such a tumultuous topic, but this needs to be discussed.

Reading, listening and watching the recent sizzling subject of debate-the dilution of SC/ST castes booming everywhere has sowed the seed of this question in my mind. The never to be forgotten Gurjar Aandolan in Rajasthan, the infamous Ram Rahim case, popping up of Hindu Muslim riots time and again, releasing of Padmavat and now this. These are just the ones which were highlighted, however there are a lot more hidden cases which have done no less in questioning humanity. Not a single rule is changed and there are hell lot of controversies leading to violence and loss that too within seconds. People are out on roads, creating havoc, disturbing common life just in the name of their rights, their freedom, their happiness and the list goes on…Nobody thinks of the nation as a whole, nobody thinks what will happen next. Well… I, you and the entire crowd out there doesn’t know about the results and who is the mastermind behind all the chaos but we all know that this is not what a free India expected, this is not what development means and this is surely not ‘Incredible India’.


The never ending case of Kashmir and the increasing bombings at the border everyday are not enough to make people understand that nation is in need of a united cooperation. Instead everybody is busy fighting with one another just to get all the rules and regulations in favour, so that they need not do any constructive hard work!

What is the SC/ST dilution all about?

The Quint reported that on 20th March the Supreme court said, hostility towards the lower caste by other castes will only be taken when there is a written permission from their appointing authority in public sector. While in the case of private jobs the accused will be arrested only when the current Senior Superintendent of Police allows it. This law was amended because there were many cases of blackmails saying the lower castes misused this law in blackmailing innocent public servants and private individuals.
And what happened after this, we all know it.
The question here is not about the amendment of rules but it is about the reaction which we people have. Why is it always so negative, so harsh and devastating that it impacts the normal human life? I agree that to make yourself heard, you need to alarm the government but alarming doesn’t always go like this. There are strikes, there are marches and there are situations like ‘Bharat Bandh’ but why is there need of unnecessary destruction, fires and deaths?
Last year was full of such cases and this year also began on the note of disappointment when people had come out on the roads for issues like the ‘Padmavat controversy’. It is of course very sad to know that people living in India are moved on the topics which are not even worthy of it and the cases like rape are compromised with candle marches because ‘isme apna kya jata hai?’ but if we will not be violent against SC/ST dilution then ‘hum apne rights ko misuse kaise kar paenge, isme to apna hi jata hai.’
Maybe the problem is illiteracy, lack of knowledge, the opposition parties or the dumb, deaf and blind people who are influenced by anybody without waiting a second to sit back and think that what they will get after all this. But if situations like these continue, I am worried what will be the face of our dear nation in the coming years. Will India be fragmented into pieces? Will it justify unity in diversity? Is unity even left anywhere in India…?
People should wake up and fight for the issues that are critical instead of burning down the nation for no reason, Period

Do You Regret The Gone Year? Here’s What You Need To Know

do you regret the gone year

do you regret the gone year

Yet another year has ended and it’s pretty sure, all of us regret the same thought at least once that time flies so fast. It seems as if we welcomed 2017 just a few days ago and 2018 is already here. But yes this is true that the next year has begun, adding the memories of the gone one and filling us with zeal to make the New Year much better. We all have pondered over the past, boarding the train which takes us down the memory lane and there were regrets, there was happiness, there were plenty of failures and only a few success and then there was lack of time, that we always complain about. Remember the first day of the gone year, you had many dreams to fulfil, you had many decisions to make and you were energetic that this year you will surely do this and that, but here you are with the same mindset again standing with heads and hopes high to begin the next year, isn’t it? For some the gone year was very fruitful and they got a lot, even more than what they had expected but for some, it again passed like a flash leaving with regrets, grudges and a heavy heart!

But do you really think, you did not achieve anything this year? Then what was it when you learnt to drive this year, what was it when you cooked your first dish, what was it when you solved that query all by yourself and what was everything that happened all through your day happily and smoothly? Achievements are those which we accept, every small thing which makes you feel like a king at that very moment is success and that is enough to make you feel proud. Try to learn appreciating your own self for small things that hide somewhere behind your huge regrets. It’s not that you have to be satisfied with what you do, there’s a scope of improvement in each and everything, so, make those improvements instead of regrets.

You had planned many things and you had to do a lot but you couldn’t, it doesn’t mean everything is over and the time has gone, remember that if everything is coming your way you are in the wrong lane! Time is one such a beautiful and equally ugly thing which ensures that if you had a bad part of it you are surely going to have the good one too. If you moved even a step forward this year it was great enough because things fall into place with time. And I think that is how each and every thing is made in this world.

People in their twenties are more traumatised with this fact that one more year has come to an end making them move towards their thirties. They are worried that soon they will be thirty and it will all come to an end, as if after thirty, life shows a full stop to everything whether it’s your career, your personal life, your professional side or your entire lifestyle. May be its not their fault because it is meant to be like this, according to typical society rules. This ‘society’ has made a pre planned age chart that strictly states that you have to be settled till the age of thirty and this settlement not only includes only a handsome job but also your personal life. These rules are set and maybe this is not wrong as everybody expects to be successful as early as possible but is it what we are here for?
Life is one and its good if we taste each and every bit of it. Success, failures, sweet and sour, everything has a meaning because it is we who have given these things a meaning and that was possible only after experiences.
So, if you had fruitless 2017, Don’t worry, just make some changes, find out possibilities, look out for opportunities, get drenched, feel cold, walk slowly, run even faster, fight but less, love to the core, make friends, travel a lot, get your heart broken, do something that gives you happiness, bring out your passion, be aimless sometimes….. And just live!

Celebrity Weddings of 2017 Which Are A Matter of True Love

celebrity wedding

As we all have already journeyed through this whole year, with only a few days remaining for the beginning of the next one, it’s time to ponder over all those ravishing, gloomy, humorous, hectic, adventurous, lazy and God knows what all days left behind. Meanwhile hell lot of incidents happened in this year and amongst all those special days how can we forget the wedding celebrations of our favourite celebs. Well there’s nothing much to think about what happened out there as it would have been perfect, undoubtedly! But their beautifully arranged ceremonies and lavish receptions have given all of us major wedding goals. Having a deep insight into these celebrations has proved one thing that not all Indian weddings are big fat and the show off ones, some of them are the matter of true love!!
So, here is a glimpse of some lovely celebrities who tied the knot with their beloved in a real mesmerising way, all proving out to make their wedding- ‘The wedding of the year!’ not based on the reel but the real love.

The year started with the grand wedding affair of Neil Nitin Mukesh who arranged the entire event in the city of lakes-Udaipur. The New York movie actor fell for Rukmini Sahay and tied the knot in February 2017. The couple captivated the family and friends with their beautiful charisma.

neil nitin mukesh
The Anwar famed actress Nausheed Cyrusi also decided to get hitched this year. She tied the knot with the love of her life Rustom in a secretly planned Parsi wedding. The wedding was an example of happiness on all faces and the blessings of the near and dear ones. What else one needs?

nausheed cyrusi
Gorgeous and absolutely stunning, Riya Sen walked down the aisle with her beloved Shivam Tiwari in August, 2017. The couple arranged to get married in a secret ceremony attended by their family and close friends, stating that marriages are not meant to be pretentious!

riya sen
Tarzan fame actor Vatsal Seth and Firangi fame actress Ishita Dutta were the next in the row, who decided to get married in November, 2017. Amazingly dressed up in the traditional Indian attire both of them made the heads turn on their special day.

vatsal seth
Yet another beautiful couple Zaheer Khan and Sagarika Ghatge promised to spend the rest of the life together this year. Their secretly arranged wedding followed with a grandeur reception included most of the celebs from both sports and the bollywood industry.

zaheer khan1

Though not a low key and hush hush wedding affair, Bharti and Harsh held each other’s hand together forever in a perfect theme based destination wedding. This special and exotic ceremony was quite awaited by their fans, friends and family and trended till almost a week!!


And yes, we all know about this eloquent love affair which turned out to be a miraculous relation at the end of the year in a real secret way, Virat and Anushkha. Of course, no one is ignorant about this special Tuscan wedding, which not only made the two love birds begin a new life but gave billions of their fans major relationship goals!!

virat anushka
Marriages are not meant to be pretentious, coz they are ethereal!!