About me

Long back, a girl of eighth standard wrote a simple childish poem on the last page of her rough notebook. One day her English teacher asked the students to come forward and depict some of their talents, sing a song, show some dance moves or do some mimicry. Everybody was excited to display their talents and get some appreciation.

This girl stood up and narrated her poem in front of the whole class. As her poem continued the whole class sat in pin drop silence. As soon as she stopped, the silence broke with a thunderous applause. Her friends, her English teacher appreciated her a lot and slowly she became the poetess of her class.

At that time she never knew that she could also tell about her thoughts to the world. She never knew that she could think beyond the boundaries of her class.

Yes, that girl is me and now she knows how to convey it to the world.

But in between this passion of writing she got lost somewhere  amidst different phases , but this is true, you cannot leave what you love and here I am.

Her thoughts are dreamy,

Her thoughts are alive,

Her thoughts might disappoint you,

Her thoughts can be wild

Just step into her imagination

And see how they come out live….

So, you are invited here to read some interesting outcomes of my brain.. and share your feedback!

Thanks a lot.. for reading it till here 🙂