A Valentine Away From Valentine

valentine away from valentine


For those who are away from their Valentine This Valentine’s Day…

Like blooming flowers in the winters,

Like a lovely song of a singer.

Their love grew for each other,

Like now or never…

They stood together in their highs and lows,

Celebrating each day, whether in joy or sorrows.

But life and love were not easy for them,

Distances widened again and again.

Life demands goals, goals need work,

They decided to move away, to fulfil this dearth.

Moments passed, then minutes and then days,

Both learned to love without any face.

There were fights, sadness  and struggles,

Situations led them to end this life’s puzzle.

But at last what held them tight,

Was their love which stood like a strong knight.

An year had passed with just messages, calls and letters,

Distance was painful but it gave a hope to feel better.

Their first Valentine’s day was as if it would ruin their hearts,

They sat at the same place but distances apart.

She prayed all day to end this exile,

While he wished to see his beloved, and smile.

This virtual love was not helping her any more,

And He wanted to cuddle, touch and adore.

Memories took her back to the old days,

She desperately wished to meet him today.

He sat near the bed reading her letters,

A knock at the door surprised them together.

Both the happy souls, ran towards their door,

In front of them was a distant road.

A strong gush of wind crossed their face,

With no one but a vacant space.

Looking at the moon in the sky,

They smiled with tears in their eyes.

Making a wish to end this time,

They couldn’t meet each other, this valentine…

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