A Visit To My Long Awaited Destination-Pushkar

Outside Brahma Temple

Visiting ‘Pushkar’ is like a holy ritual for the people who reside or are in Jaipur by any chance. But for me this chance came after a wait of nearly six years! (I am still wondering, Why?). Yes, I have been in Jaipur from quite a long time but never made up to pay a visit to this immensely loved destination and when I got this chance, I grabbed it like a hungry puppy. It was really like a dream come true for me. I know it’s not a big one but after hearing and learning about the place’s beautiful aura and its religious importance I could not wait to fulfill this long desire.

Pushkar Ghati

A view from Pushkar Ghati

Plans are made the best when they are sudden and this was it. Our  journey started at evening and we managed to reach there within 2 hours by car. It was the right destination but not the right weather. Pushkar is surrounded by beautiful array of mountains but it is hot like hell during summers. Yes, you got me right, I was here in the month of May! Fortunately, it had rained just a day before,hence  it was not that hot as expected… but it was hot.

Situated around 140 KM from Jaipur it is a small yet an important and the most visited tourist destinations in Rajasthan, India. It is so praised and famous because of the one and only Brahma (The creator according to Hindu Mythology) Temple all over the country. Visitors, not only from India but from the entire world visit this beloved city of the state.

Apart from the Temple it owns a Pushkar lake, surrounded by various Ghats from all the sides. The lake at night was like a peaceful haven and I enjoyed the serenity to the core. The beautiful and perfectly designed array of stairs centering the clear and holy lake waters provided a comfortable seating and a clear view of the entire scenery.

Pushkar lake

Pushkar lake

As we were quite late, we missed out on the evening arti and the adorable sunset (make sure you reach on time) I was sad to know that. But that pleasant view by the lake and the cool breeze pepped me up to take a quick stroll in the nearby markets. Several food joints,  handicrafts stores, small cafes, restaurants and many other shops all are located parallel to the Ghats. The shops and especially cafes were all crowded by the tourists but we managed to buy a thing or two.

Soft music from the cafes, light breeze, lake and lovely people all around was an awesome experience all together. After lingering around and having fun on the streets of Pushkar we decided to head to our resort. As our plan was sudden, we were worried about our accommodation but thanks to goibibo as we got a perfect room then and there in the very beautiful Countryside resort that too at very reasonable rates.

Countryside Resort

Countryside Resort

As we entered the resort all my tiredness vanished in a blink of an eye. It was grand, lovely and beyond my words. The huge lawn in front with a pool by the side and comfortable rooms for the tourists was a great delight.  We sat beside the pool till late at night discussing life!

The next day we set off early and paid our visit to the very famous Brahma temple (Photography was prohibited there). The walls of the temple were decorated with artistic floral paintings and there was a huge rush of the devotees. But somehow I got a glimpse of the main idol and moved out of the crowd.

While coming back to Jaipur, we decided to visit the Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti’s Dargah situated in Ajmer. Covering our heads in the name of God we entered this holy place and I was filled with immense peace. We washed our hands and legs before entering the main tomb and offered the pure and holy Chaadar with a hope of getting our wishes fulfilled.

Dargah market

It was the time to leave this place with an amazing blend of the two beautiful religions. I left the place with a great feeling of accomplishment that I finally managed to visit the Pushkar of my dreams and a heavy heart that it was an end to such an amazing and a memorable weekend!


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