Is Advani A Tragic Hero?

LK Advani


To understand the fact we have to bounce back to the unhidden past of the Indian politics. The time when Advani was responsible for the rise of BJP, he was the man who stood beside Modi, he was the man who created history. Around 30 years ago, we all know the two bewitching names who worked to improve the political scenario of India-Atal Bihari Vajpayee and LK Advani. People believed Advani as the only hero when no one fit the circumstances and his career was to shine like a jewel.

This name which ruled the past, has gradually faded from the present and unfortunately might vanish in the near future! The then one and only saviour has now become an ignored part of his own game. A huge applause for the unpredicted world of politics!

P.M. Narendra Modi was an unknown figure whose political career took a new leap because of Advani. After the legendary Rath Yatra which gave BJP its desired importance, supervised under his name, Advani became the whole and soul of the party and Modi awaited his attention eagerly. Gujarat riots would have come out to be a downfall for Modi forever, when Vajpayee had decided to remove him from the position of Chief Minister. Advani was the man who came to his rescue but he never knew that his act of kindness would be in vain.

When the time to choose the Prime Minister came, his this very act of starting the Rath Yatra which shone him in the politics made him controversial this time. As people were looking for someone who would be moderate and easily acceptable and Vajpayee became their choice.

LK Advani


It appears as if history has repeated itself again today when Advani is again not an option for the presidential elections. His own disciple, Modi did not recommend his name and the same Babari Masjid issue is again the reason. The man who is credited for once being a guardian for Modi is now not able for this post.

Is this because the Modi Sarkar fears any strong personality on such an honorary designation who will not dance on their fingers? OR  is this the personal ego fight?

No one knows why there is no room for Advani here but this is true that if Modi had wanted, Advani would have been the next president of India and all his glitches of the past would have come to an end.

But politics is all the game of power in which, may be, Advani is a tragic hero!

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