And They Say Be Bold For Change!

International women's day

The day to respect, appreciate, honour and respect women has finally arrived. Another year, another motto, but with the same date is here and the entire internet, social media platforms and messaging apps are loaded with infinite wishes and quotes, all shouting out just one thing… #BeBoldForChange!

Oh! You have also just posted the same, tagging your moms, girlfriends, friends, sisters and daughters. Well, you just get one day to do so. What about the other days? The world on the screen is totally different than the world deep down. Yes, you know that but who really cares? Not even me. The motto for this women’s day says ‘Be Bold For Change’, meaning, ‘you yourself have to fight to bring out the change you want’. There’s nothing wrong in it but don’t you smell hopelessness here?

International women's day
Hopelessness because when the authorities or the governing people out there, understood that they could not bring both the genders to the equal level, no matter how hard they try, they initiated this concept. Go help yourself!
This is true that you have to fight for a cause and there will be no one to hold you everytime, but do you think the serious issue to treat everyone with equality and majorly to protect women can be handled like this? No, those people or I must say the women who really want the change in their lives and who genuinely need this message are somewhere far away from this world of internet. They do not know that today is their day; they do not know that the world is fighting for their rights on the internet; they do not know that by being bold they can change their horrific life!

Till the time you will write a post to raise your voice, a gang rape would have already taken place, a woman would be killed by her in laws and a girl would be denied education. Thousands of dreams would have already come to an end even before they could be seen… and you say she has to be bold to change all of this.

She was bold since the day she came into this world but what made her weak is the world itself. She has been fighting for her rights for long but I don’t think it’s helping her. Everyone takes a stand if there is something wrong against him or her. But the issue which needs to be solved here is not about an individual, it’s not anyone’s personal problem, its about the other half of the world, it’s about women…

So, today, don’t just tell her to be bold for a change, in fact, try it yourself too. There is still a lot to be done by every one of us.

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