Do You Regret The Gone Year? Here’s What You Need To Know

do you regret the gone year

Yet another year has ended and it’s pretty sure, all of us regret the same thought at least once that time flies so fast. It seems as if we welcomed 2017 just a few days ago and 2018 is already here. But yes this is true that the next year has begun, adding the memories of the gone one and filling us with zeal to make the New Year much better. We all have pondered over the past, boarding the train which takes us down the memory lane and there were regrets, there was happiness, there were plenty of failures and only a few success and then there was lack of time, that we always complain about. Remember the first day of the gone year, you had many dreams to fulfil, you had many decisions to make and you were energetic that this year you will surely do this and that, but here you are with the same mindset again standing with heads and hopes high to begin the next year, isn’t it? For some the gone year was very fruitful and they got a lot, even more than what they had expected but for some, it again passed like a flash leaving with regrets, grudges and a heavy heart!

But do you really think, you did not achieve anything this year? Then what was it when you learnt to drive this year, what was it when you cooked your first dish, what was it when you solved that query all by yourself and what was everything that happened all through your day happily and smoothly? Achievements are those which we accept, every small thing which makes you feel like a king at that very moment is success and that is enough to make you feel proud. Try to learn appreciating your own self for small things that hide somewhere behind your huge regrets. It’s not that you have to be satisfied with what you do, there’s a scope of improvement in each and everything, so, make those improvements instead of regrets.

You had planned many things and you had to do a lot but you couldn’t, it doesn’t mean everything is over and the time has gone, remember that if everything is coming your way you are in the wrong lane! Time is one such a beautiful and equally ugly thing which ensures that if you had a bad part of it you are surely going to have the good one too. If you moved even a step forward this year it was great enough because things fall into place with time. And I think that is how each and every thing is made in this world.

People in their twenties are more traumatised with this fact that one more year has come to an end making them move towards their thirties. They are worried that soon they will be thirty and it will all come to an end, as if after thirty, life shows a full stop to everything whether it’s your career, your personal life, your professional side or your entire lifestyle. May be its not their fault because it is meant to be like this, according to typical society rules. This ‘society’ has made a pre planned age chart that strictly states that you have to be settled till the age of thirty and this settlement not only includes only a handsome job but also your personal life. These rules are set and maybe this is not wrong as everybody expects to be successful as early as possible but is it what we are here for?
Life is one and its good if we taste each and every bit of it. Success, failures, sweet and sour, everything has a meaning because it is we who have given these things a meaning and that was possible only after experiences.
So, if you had fruitless 2017, Don’t worry, just make some changes, find out possibilities, look out for opportunities, get drenched, feel cold, walk slowly, run even faster, fight but less, love to the core, make friends, travel a lot, get your heart broken, do something that gives you happiness, bring out your passion, be aimless sometimes….. And just live!

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