Earn Rs. 1 Lakh For Just Sleeping- Wakefit

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Like Really?

I remember the very famous quote my mom used to tell-

“Jo sowat hain vo khowat hain

Jo jaagat hain vo paavat hain”


But I think now with the change in almost everything, such proverbs and idioms also need some modifications.


Because a Bengaluru based online sleep solutions provider company, named Wakefit is offering Rs. 1 lakh to the interns for sleeping 9 hours daily for the period  of 100 days!

There are some terms and conditions like the candidates should be willing towards sleeping cosily for 9 hours and keeping sleep as a priority in their lives.

During this period the selected interns will be strictly kept under check if they use their laptops or mobiles or show any kind of laziness in sleeping diligently.

This unique opportunity is named as ‘Wakefit Sleep Internship’ for all the sleep lovers who can demonstrate their skills in sleeping continuously for 9 hours. Well, not only this, the shortlisted ones can sleep in the comfort of their homes on the mattresses provided by Wakefit itself. They will also get a fitness and sleep tracker along with counselling.

You got the gist of this entire story, somewhere or the other this is a way of research to innovate their products according to the customers. But as easy as it sounds for Rs. 1 Lakh, do you think where we are bound with checking our Insta stories and sending snaps on snapchat before falling asleep, Wakefit will find relevant people?

I think this internship will be a mirror for all of us to look at and see that we have left out a good sleep from our to-do list.

And yes, if anyone of you get a chance to clear that internship, do let us all know what happened there. At least, I am very keen to know!

To know more you can visit the website of Wakefit.

For your information, it is an innovation based startup which provides  sleep solutions and their products include mattresses, neck pillows, comforters and more.

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