I Bid Farewell

I bid farewell

The times have changed and if you are fighting for your rights and achieving everything you like, then why wait for applause, attention and appreciation. It’s your time and if you have understood this, the world will come to you. Bid Farewell to all the fullstops and commas girl! You have that power in you.

As the clock ticks 12

Another day of same old stories begins

But those are not just stories you know,

they are the reality within.

Since my childhood I have seen myself running for attention,

They have tried to give but not the real one,

for my siblings, I was like just another friend in need

the middle one who is like a lost puppy in between.

Dad never spoke to me much,

maybe coz’ he had already dealt a lot with the elder one

and was busy more and more with the youngest son.

But yes, my mom was concerned about me, I remember

she beat me, she loved me, she spoke to me, she helped me, she cried for me, she cried with me,

And we both laughed till the end of our breaths, till our belly shouted with sweet pain,

And our heart pumped blood, even more than needed.

But one day, I think, even she turned away from me.

Not completely, but yes she was no more the way she was,

maybe coz I had deviated from what she had for me,

Maybe I was becoming the master of my world in which she had a very little say,

Or maybe, I was no longer behaving the right way.

As a ‘normal middle-class girl’ should.

But mom is mom, right?

she cannot take me as just another friend, or leave me like a lost puppy in between, or do not speak to me much

Because, then she will not be a ‘normal mother’ who is well behaved and uptight.

I understand its her responsibility, priority, duty or whatever you like to say

To scold me and push me towards the right way,

That way which glitters with the word ‘settlement’ and giggles on the word ‘betterment’.

Under which she tries to understand me but ends up manipulating me.

And amidst these cobwebs enters another name,

that makes an important part of the entire game,

the one who is the reason for all the major disruptions in the trend

when my teenage was coming to an end

Yes, the so-called ‘true love of my life’

when I actually got the chance to experience attention for the first time.

But how could that be possible, especially when its me.

So, the bundle of tragedies came here too,

And many more are still in my to do!

But I stand right here like a middle class girl

With only one sentence¬† ‘I Bid Farewell’.

I bid farewell to all my guilts, all my mistakes, carelessness, sufferings, tragedies,

thought to care about everyone, think about everyone, to all my negativities-I bid farewell.


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