Jaipur Is Also Rising In The Colours Of Poetry

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Words are powerful and when they are knitted into poetry, they do magic!

Though I am late to pen down about this soulful event, but still it’s really important to tell you about last Sunday(15th Oct). That was a real poetic afternoon accompanied with numerous young, talented and I must say thoughtful souls.  Organised by Do You Want To Hear Me Talk(DYWTHMT), Aashreya Baweja and Anshu Pande who themselves are expert and talented artists, this event was a huge success.

People from various fields and interests gathered at 3D Restro Lounge, Jaipur to share their one common passion i.e. poetry. It was an open mic performance rich with impeccable languages, flawless recitals and excellent thought process. And at the end a beautiful self composed performance of Aashreya was just perfect to wind up for the day!

Being an aspiring poet and a writer I also participated reciting my own creation.

These pics will convey the essence of the day!

let's talk poetry


let's talk poetry


let's talk poetry


let's talk poetry

OK… that’s me!

So, if you missed it this time no need to worry as DYWHMT is going to organise another poetry session this November. If you have that flare for writing and reciting do not take a minute to register yourself for this event.

For more details visit: https://www.facebook.com/dywthmt/

Picture credits: DYWTHMT

Come, get drenched in the colours of poetry!


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