Life Always Gives You A Next Chance

Life always gives you a next chance

Do you believe that your life is always there next to you whenever you are in a dilemma? It helps you by showering chances. You leave one, there is next one for you, but it is you who has to decide when to leave.

I was not able to report on the joining day of my first job due to some reason. Well, now, you can  understand how painful it would have been for me to see all my friends initiating their career with great opportunities and I was there just sitting idle, cursing my fate. But as I told you, life is all about chances, hence, I was not kept in the dark for long and I was called to join the other company very soon.

As soon as I got the call the box of thoughts opened up in my brain and the confusion bean whether to go ahead with it or not.  I just suppressed them and made up my mind to finally join. I had no idea what was there next for me as so many unexpected scenarios had occurred in such a short span of time. I was happy at my workplace, though I did not like my job. My mind, body and soul all were prepared to  complete the bond of one and a half year in the company and then think about something else. So I just continued…

Your life is your real partner, it joined you when you came into this world and it will leave you only when you die. It will never leave you in between. It sometimes wants to talk to you, and I think it tries to speak when you go off the road. May be then, when you try to kill your dreams and join the rat race.

So, in my case it was trying to say that I should leave my current job! The thought of leaving the job at that point of time was  a sin for me because I had already lost one opportunity. I just ignored the suggestion and continued…

I had this passion for writing since I was a kid. I used to write poems and recite in my class. I felt very special when the whole class applauded for me, but I never thought of making it my profession. But it’s your life and it will take you to the right place surely. One day I just left my job and came back without even deciding what will I do next. I had no opportunities in my hand and I was back to the same point from where I had started, all drenched in stress and worries.

Here, I was again served with another chance and this time it was about my interest.

You see, how things are crafted in life. Sometimes, it feels as if everything is pre-planned but I think that it is up to you, when you leave one thing and try another. Until and unless you will not move how will you find ways…?

If you think you should change or grab another chance, then just thinking will not help you. Life has many things to offer but only when you move from the present. Life always gives you a next chance, do not blame it if you didn’t understand…

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