#NotAllMen But its Definitely #AllWomen



‘Another scream, another shout, yet no one to hear, yet no one to come out’

These are the words which were being shouted by that girl’s heart who became another case to be registered and disappear in those police records, tattered files and court formalities.

That day I was sitting in my room and watching that CCTV footage released online of a girl being molested in Bengaluru on the new year’s eve. Suddenly one of my friends came into my room and asked in surprise, ‘did you hear that news?’ I made a very sad face and nodded my head in distress. She continued , ‘Dhoni has left the captainship, he was a great captain, I will miss him as a captain though’. My facial expressions changed and I was confused.  She was sad because M.S. Dhoni was no more the captain of the Indian cricket team and I was sad because just another man had done a very hideous act in the same country. See the irony, on one hand men in India are making the country feel proud of them and on the other they can’t even be compared to a cruel animal.

Yes, I know there are already many posts, blogs which have served with this news in their own decorative style and yes along with that video, but I am not writing it just as a post. The day I came to know about the incident me and my friend kept on watching it again and again. I am also a girl, my age does not matter but what matters is that I am a girl. I could feel each and every word her heart was shouting at the moment she was grabbed by those goons. Even the people standing there watching everything happen could not hear those voices.  They were safe within the boundaries of their own residence.  This footage was captured in the CCTV cameras of a house in that locality. The owner of the house filed this case to the police. It means that girl never came in front. Why? She might be feeling ashamed and embarrassed just because the rule says it should be like this.  No one can measure the mental trauma of that poor soul. Who knows where is she? Did she even share this pain with anyone? Was she able to sleep that night or even till now? Those two men just threw her on the ground like a statue and did not look back. How much she got hurt, did she bleed? We have no answers. She just wanted a helping hand but those peeping heads out of their houses were as silent as the winter air. The media is busy talking about the incident, but no one cares about the girl.

People from small cities and towns move to these metropolitan cities with a dream to prove themselves and yes women are also among them.  But the problem with them is, they are alone.  Yes, I was filled with rage to burst out abusive words to those men cum devils but it filled me with fear too. I am also a woman living away from my hometown. Till now I was carefree and never thought so much before taking a cab, or walking alone on the streets but I think now I will give it a second thought. I feel helpless now and I even find every other man suspicious. I think I am becoming fainthearted…How should I react?

She was held tightly by a single man, she even tried to run but she was not able to. I could see the power she applied but all her strength was in vain. Some Folks said she should have ran away fast, she should have carried a knife, she should have kicked those goons hard and so many things but, dear folks, I want to make it clear that when this happens, the mind stops, body is numb and decision making power ? I think it’s not to be discussed.

The question is Why she should do such things at the first place? Why can’t she live alone? Why do you want her to watch TV and sit at home on the new year’s eve while her friends can party all night?

And this has nothing to do with feminism, nothing to do with the city or any place on this earth its a simple question on humanity!




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