Jaipur Is Also Rising In The Colours Of Poetry

let's talk poetry

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Words are powerful and when they are knitted into poetry, they do magic!

Though I am late to pen down about this soulful event, but still it’s really important to tell you about last Sunday(15th Oct). That was a real poetic afternoon accompanied with numerous young, talented and I must say thoughtful souls.  Organised by Do You Want To Hear Me Talk(DYWTHMT), Aashreya Baweja and Anshu Pande who themselves are expert and talented artists, this event was a huge success.

People from various fields and interests gathered at 3D Restro Lounge, Jaipur to share their one common passion i.e. poetry. It was an open mic performance rich with impeccable languages, flawless recitals and excellent thought process. And at the end a beautiful self composed performance of Aashreya was just perfect to wind up for the day!

Being an aspiring poet and a writer I also participated reciting my own creation.

These pics will convey the essence of the day!

let's talk poetry


let's talk poetry


let's talk poetry


let's talk poetry
OK… that’s me!

So, if you missed it this time no need to worry as DYWHMT is going to organise another poetry session this November. If you have that flare for writing and reciting do not take a minute to register yourself for this event.

For more details visit: https://www.facebook.com/dywthmt/

Picture credits: DYWTHMT

Come, get drenched in the colours of poetry!


Vitthal’s Kitchen-A Ray Of Hope For The Differently Abled And An Inspiration For All

Vitthal's Kitchen


Vitthal’s Kitchen…

Sometimes knowingly or unknowingly we come across such people, things or places that are never to be forgotten. They are so inspiring and unique that you just can’t keep them to yourself, you need to share and let the world know. So, I also came across this restaurant in Jaipur which is one of a kind not only because of its scrumptious food and attractive ambience but also because of the idea and a noble thought it conveys to all of us. The thought that ‘Hope is the ultimate power’.


Vitthal’s Kitchen located opposite Laxmi Mandir Cinema not only serves you with food but also HOPE.

It was Saturday when me and one of my friends were searching for good veg restaurants near Lalkothi  and found out about Vitthal’s Kitchen. We reached and entered the place, at this time we did not have any idea that the staff here was a group of some differently abled people who could not listen and speak. As soon as we both seated ourselves , one of the members came with a huge smile on his face and gave us the menu and told us that he could not speak and listen hence we had to write our order and place. I was deeply pleased by this gesture and was happy that we chose this restaurant to have our dinner.

 As we placed our order and waited for our food to arrive, one of them headed to us and asked to write our names and tell him in the special sign language. This was really interesting as they also told us whether we were perfect at it or not.

Before the dinner they served with their special, tangy and spicy Jaljeera in a small pot, which just pepped up the overall flavour of the food.  We ordered Butter Tandoori Roti, Kadhai Paneer and Dal Tadka which was so delicious that I forgot to click the pictures.

Apart from all this, later I got to know that the person who had attended us in the restaurant named Enayat had been a gold medalist in Special Olympics 2009, held in USA which was indeed unbelievable for me.

And The hero behind this noble thought is Mr. Ashish Vitthal Sharma, the owner of the restaurant. In a short conversation with him I got to know that a few years ago he had met a group of these people who talked to each other in their own sign language and they were as happy as a child. He thought to give them a chance and let them know that where there’s hope there’s a way. Ashish also told us that about one and a half years ago he started this restaurant but initiated employment for them after the restaurant was well established because he did not want to use their disability as a business promotion tool. And this thought moved me to share this noble story here.

Ashish denotes all of his staff members as ‘Rockstar’ and I think there’s no doubt in this.

Here are a few clicks of Ashish and the ‘Rockstars’…



staff with Ashish

The Gold medalist- Enayat

Next time when your belly yearns for really good food, without a second thought, head to Vitthal’s Kitchen.


29-A,Opp.Laxmi Mandir Cinema,Tonk Road

Jaipur, Rajasthan, India


Is This Freedom Making Us Independent Or Leading To Something Else?

looking at the night sky

looking at the night sky

This time, this day and this moment is all ours, we love this freedom, we love the essence of it and of course we love ourselves. The latest or so called the modern concept of living away from parents to pursue job, education, earning independently (and even spending independently) fills us with a unique satisfaction that we are cool because we are free.

Free from whom? Our own parents. Free from what? Our own home.

Each and every soul away from home is blindfolded with this thought but we all know the reality. The increasing number of suicides among millennial due to depression and anxiety is the answer to the question. There’s no problem in being independent and helping yourself to stay so, rather its actually appreciable but is this really happening? Once we get hold of our senses our wings just can’t stop to take a flight into the vast and never ending sky. For a moment we do not even bother about any one else, we become selfish. This obsession of ‘fly high and never return’ mindset makes us one of the residents of those unknown cities suffocated with skyscrapers, city lights and the nights where no one sleeps. What happens later is, we become accustomed to this loneliness. No, this is not exactly the real one, it’s into us, in our mind, somewhere deep down. This trend is taking us away from our people and we are loving it in disguise, we do not understand it now and we do not even want to. We all know that the day when we just sit on the terrace looking at the night sky with not many but two or three stars (rest hidden behind the smog) our heart takes a stroll down the memory lane and what we think of is to ‘return home’. But that thought is like a flash of the light house which lasts for a few moments and then changes its direction because we are just indulged into this virtual world created by us.


We are surrounded by friends, colleagues, well wishers (and even enemies) all day and night because we are used to their words, we are used to their flattery and we are used to them. They never deny our decision, walk hand in hand and what do we call them? Partners in crime, yes this is the word and unfortunately no one can take their place. This freedom is lovely, it takes us to an entirely different world from the one where we have lived since our childhood. It does not have rules, it does not ask questions, neither has it gone against us and we longed for this certainly. Now when it’s with us, we can’t set it loose, no matter it is making or ruining us.

We have come quite far, we meet our siblings twice or may be thrice a year, we share our selective secrets, we talk to our parents daily… may be on alternate days that too for a while. This will fade more with time I think, and these meetings and conversations will reduce to just formalities and we will slowly forget their ways just to embrace our own freedom. It feels great when you do everything on your own but there is a part of you which is deviated from the path, there is a part of you which is lost, there is a part of you which is sad. But still we know there will be one day when we will sit on the terrace looking at the night sky with yes just two or three stars and our heart will take a stroll down the memory lane and we will think to ‘return home’ but it would be just a thought again.

a man looking at the sea

Is Advani A Tragic Hero?

LK advani

LK Advani


To understand the fact we have to bounce back to the unhidden past of the Indian politics. The time when Advani was responsible for the rise of BJP, he was the man who stood beside Modi, he was the man who created history. Around 30 years ago, we all know the two bewitching names who worked to improve the political scenario of India-Atal Bihari Vajpayee and LK Advani. People believed Advani as the only hero when no one fit the circumstances and his career was to shine like a jewel.

This name which ruled the past, has gradually faded from the present and unfortunately might vanish in the near future! The then one and only saviour has now become an ignored part of his own game. A huge applause for the unpredicted world of politics!

P.M. Narendra Modi was an unknown figure whose political career took a new leap because of Advani. After the legendary Rath Yatra which gave BJP its desired importance, supervised under his name, Advani became the whole and soul of the party and Modi awaited his attention eagerly. Gujarat riots would have come out to be a downfall for Modi forever, when Vajpayee had decided to remove him from the position of Chief Minister. Advani was the man who came to his rescue but he never knew that his act of kindness would be in vain.

When the time to choose the Prime Minister came, his this very act of starting the Rath Yatra which shone him in the politics made him controversial this time. As people were looking for someone who would be moderate and easily acceptable and Vajpayee became their choice.

LK Advani


It appears as if history has repeated itself again today when Advani is again not an option for the presidential elections. His own disciple, Modi did not recommend his name and the same Babari Masjid issue is again the reason. The man who is credited for once being a guardian for Modi is now not able for this post.

Is this because the Modi Sarkar fears any strong personality on such an honorary designation who will not dance on their fingers? OR  is this the personal ego fight?

No one knows why there is no room for Advani here but this is true that if Modi had wanted, Advani would have been the next president of India and all his glitches of the past would have come to an end.

But politics is all the game of power in which, may be, Advani is a tragic hero!

The Skullcap On My Head

the skullcap on my head

the skullcap on my head


A 16 year old boy did not know that this year his shopping for Eid would be the last one. He did not know that he was living in a polluted society, he did not know that his life would end without a reason.

This poem is the voice of a boy being stabbed to death in a fully crowded train, just in the name of religion…


With my skullcap on and bags in my hands,

I took a train with my friends to reach our land.

Eid was near, we were happy like a child,

With celebration and fun on our minds.


The train- jam packed like hell,

With daily commuters and their lingering smell.

After hours of standing with my dull face,

I decided to talk, if they could give some space.


Hard voices crossed my ears,

They abused my skullcap, I broke down to tears.

I could not understand what they were talking about,

But they called me names and had doubts.


‘Anti-national’, he said to me,

And kicked hard on my knees.

My friends tried to pull them off,

But they were men who were strong.


My eyes in pain, looked here and there,

If someone would come and save us here.

But to my awe, the loaded train,

Seemed to be empty, my voices were in vain.


They watched me cry, crying for help,

But their faces were calm, ignoring my yelp.

A sharp thing drilled through my stomach,

Oh no! I was full of pain and blood.


Faces of my abba and ammi flashed in front of me,

My mind showed me my beautiful memories.

I could hear the faint voices but could not recognize,

As that was it, I was unable to fight.


They still kicked me hard on my legs,

Till I fell down to death.

I had many dreams to fulfil,

But they were shattered on his will.


In the name of religion, they killed me for nothing,

I was just a small boy waiting for Eid celebration.

What was my fault, my heart was confused,

Why it was only me, they abused.


But  I knew I was dead,

Because of the skullcap on my head.

Take my body to my home dear friends,

Allah! Is this how my life had to end!


PS: Junaid Khan, a 16 year old boy and his friends were travelling back to their hometown from Delhi after Eid shopping in a heavily crowded train, where some goons accused them of carrying beef in their bags without any clue. These people attacked them with knives, in which Junaid was brutally stabbed to death. Later his body was thrown 30 Kms away from Delhi.









A Visit To My Long Awaited Destination-Pushkar

Pushkar lake

Outside Brahma Temple

Visiting ‘Pushkar’ is like a holy ritual for the people who reside or are in Jaipur by any chance. But for me this chance came after a wait of nearly six years! (I am still wondering, Why?). Yes, I have been in Jaipur from quite a long time but never made up to pay a visit to this immensely loved destination and when I got this chance, I grabbed it like a hungry puppy. It was really like a dream come true for me. I know it’s not a big one but after hearing and learning about the place’s beautiful aura and its religious importance I could not wait to fulfill this long desire.

Pushkar Ghati
A view from Pushkar Ghati

Plans are made the best when they are sudden and this was it. Our  journey started at evening and we managed to reach there within 2 hours by car. It was the right destination but not the right weather. Pushkar is surrounded by beautiful array of mountains but it is hot like hell during summers. Yes, you got me right, I was here in the month of May! Fortunately, it had rained just a day before,hence  it was not that hot as expected… but it was hot.

Situated around 140 KM from Jaipur it is a small yet an important and the most visited tourist destinations in Rajasthan, India. It is so praised and famous because of the one and only Brahma (The creator according to Hindu Mythology) Temple all over the country. Visitors, not only from India but from the entire world visit this beloved city of the state.

Apart from the Temple it owns a Pushkar lake, surrounded by various Ghats from all the sides. The lake at night was like a peaceful haven and I enjoyed the serenity to the core. The beautiful and perfectly designed array of stairs centering the clear and holy lake waters provided a comfortable seating and a clear view of the entire scenery.

Pushkar lake
Pushkar lake

As we were quite late, we missed out on the evening arti and the adorable sunset (make sure you reach on time) I was sad to know that. But that pleasant view by the lake and the cool breeze pepped me up to take a quick stroll in the nearby markets. Several food joints,  handicrafts stores, small cafes, restaurants and many other shops all are located parallel to the Ghats. The shops and especially cafes were all crowded by the tourists but we managed to buy a thing or two.

Soft music from the cafes, light breeze, lake and lovely people all around was an awesome experience all together. After lingering around and having fun on the streets of Pushkar we decided to head to our resort. As our plan was sudden, we were worried about our accommodation but thanks to goibibo as we got a perfect room then and there in the very beautiful Countryside resort that too at very reasonable rates.

Countryside Resort
Countryside Resort

As we entered the resort all my tiredness vanished in a blink of an eye. It was grand, lovely and beyond my words. The huge lawn in front with a pool by the side and comfortable rooms for the tourists was a great delight.  We sat beside the pool till late at night discussing life!

The next day we set off early and paid our visit to the very famous Brahma temple (Photography was prohibited there). The walls of the temple were decorated with artistic floral paintings and there was a huge rush of the devotees. But somehow I got a glimpse of the main idol and moved out of the crowd.

While coming back to Jaipur, we decided to visit the Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti’s Dargah situated in Ajmer. Covering our heads in the name of God we entered this holy place and I was filled with immense peace. We washed our hands and legs before entering the main tomb and offered the pure and holy Chaadar with a hope of getting our wishes fulfilled.

Dargah market

It was the time to leave this place with an amazing blend of the two beautiful religions. I left the place with a great feeling of accomplishment that I finally managed to visit the Pushkar of my dreams and a heavy heart that it was an end to such an amazing and a memorable weekend!


Your Interests May Not Be His Interests

looking at each other

looking at each other

Are you again upset today, feeling dejected? Is there sadness all around you or somewhere in your heart? Is there something not letting you stay calm? These feelings surround you everyday and make you do ‘things’ and you know what I mean. Yes, you are right there- you fight, get irritated,  leave your work incomplete, eat a lot or go to sleep, right? The root cause of all these situations is – he did not appreciate your work (it can be even the smallest one which no one can notice). To be worse, he did not even bother to look at your efforts.

You wake up with an enthusiasm of doing your best and  unfolding it in front of him expecting that he will be surprised and  mesmerised. (even if you present something very normal), like really? In the end when he doesn’t even notice, your expectations come crashing down and then, those ‘things’ happen.

So, dear girls and fully matured women too, everyone knows, you like to be pampered every now and then. It’s right, it’s lovely and to be more accurate it’s too cute. But here you are being quite stone hearted. It might be possible that he is not interested in your field, your work. This not at all means he is not interested in you. You take things in that way, suffer the consequences yourself and of course, make him suffer too. The toughest part of this situation for him is, when you behave in an unusual manner and he asks the reason, you just beat around the bush and try to make the air so gloomy as if the world is coming to an end.

You are a girl and naturally you like to know more about others (this is very correct). This is the reason you keep on asking about his plans, his work and even compliment him when you find that he is doing good and in return you expect the same.  Here you will have to understand that men are little (or sometimes too) sophisticated. It can happen even with you when he is about to tell you about his efforts and accomplishments and you are not there to listen. But just analyse, he will not panic or make it a big issue. He will just let it go and wait for another day and this is the fact.

Whether you are a designer, writer, or you do something technical and he is a businessman, a manager, a lawyer or a scientist, his ways will be totally different than yours. Just think, Both of you have entirely different dreams to achieve. So, achieve them on your own. This does not mean you do not need each other’s support, of course, you do, but wanting his attention everytime at every single step is difficult. Infact, share it with your friends working in the same field and I think this can help you get better ideas and even compliments. The more you succeed the more he will be relieved. Don’t worry, In the end, you will find him always with you.

And dear men, a small message to you – if she likes to be appreciated, especially by you then do so, try to understand emotions at least sometimes or a little more,  just for her




You Can’t Let Her Go

Be for her

be for her

She is lost, you need to bring her back, because if you lose her, you will lose forever…

That day was like a paradise on earth,

When she met you for the first time.

It was like spring had taken birth,

Again, amidst the heat and sun

You had made her to be like her,

What she had always wanted to be.

That same young, crazy and wild girl,

Forgotten somewhere before you could see.


Her days were like golden sand near the oceans,

And her nights were meant to wait.

She just could not believe in the existence,

Of emotions like jealousy, sadness or hate.


She never gave a second thought,

To undress her imaginations in front of you.

Coz she knew, you were the one,

Among all, to be true.


Ups and downs are a part of life,

She accepted it all and moved on with you.

Trusting on your promises, she kept quiet,

As she had learnt to rely on very few.


You care for her, there’s no doubt,

You made her your queen and stood beside her.

But what happened wrong, why her heart’s sinking down?

She didn’t sleep and wept all night and later.


In love, she sacrificed her priorities,

She came all the way to share her life.

But things are not coming out what you made her to see,

The girl with a clear view, now has boggling vibes.


Your love made her shine, don’t make it a reason  to be lost,

Go, laugh, cry or fight but make her stay.

If she loses you will lose beyond any cost,

As there will be no one to hold you again in the same way.


Remember, how she looked when you first laid your eyes on her,

She was never destroyed and never deserves to be so.

No one could understand you so deep and better, ever,

You know what she means, and you can’t let her go.


So, be in her thoughts, emotions and mind,

She is everything you longed for ever.

Because there was something you couldn’t find,

In yourself and you found it in her.


And They Say Be Bold For Change!

International women's day

International women's day

The day to respect, appreciate, honour and respect women has finally arrived. Another year, another motto, but with the same date is here and the entire internet, social media platforms and messaging apps are loaded with infinite wishes and quotes, all shouting out just one thing… #BeBoldForChange!

Oh! You have also just posted the same, tagging your moms, girlfriends, friends, sisters and daughters. Well, you just get one day to do so. What about the other days? The world on the screen is totally different than the world deep down. Yes, you know that but who really cares? Not even me. The motto for this women’s day says ‘Be Bold For Change’, meaning, ‘you yourself have to fight to bring out the change you want’. There’s nothing wrong in it but don’t you smell hopelessness here?

International women's day
Hopelessness because when the authorities or the governing people out there, understood that they could not bring both the genders to the equal level, no matter how hard they try, they initiated this concept. Go help yourself!
This is true that you have to fight for a cause and there will be no one to hold you everytime, but do you think the serious issue to treat everyone with equality and majorly to protect women can be handled like this? No, those people or I must say the women who really want the change in their lives and who genuinely need this message are somewhere far away from this world of internet. They do not know that today is their day; they do not know that the world is fighting for their rights on the internet; they do not know that by being bold they can change their horrific life!

Till the time you will write a post to raise your voice, a gang rape would have already taken place, a woman would be killed by her in laws and a girl would be denied education. Thousands of dreams would have already come to an end even before they could be seen… and you say she has to be bold to change all of this.

She was bold since the day she came into this world but what made her weak is the world itself. She has been fighting for her rights for long but I don’t think it’s helping her. Everyone takes a stand if there is something wrong against him or her. But the issue which needs to be solved here is not about an individual, it’s not anyone’s personal problem, its about the other half of the world, it’s about women…

So, today, don’t just tell her to be bold for a change, in fact, try it yourself too. There is still a lot to be done by every one of us.

A Valentine Away From Valentine

valentine away from valentine

valentine away from valentine


For those who are away from their Valentine This Valentine’s Day…

Like blooming flowers in the winters,

Like a lovely song of a singer.

Their love grew for each other,

Like now or never…

They stood together in their highs and lows,

Celebrating each day, whether in joy or sorrows.

But life and love were not easy for them,

Distances widened again and again.

Life demands goals, goals need work,

They decided to move away, to fulfil this dearth.

Moments passed, then minutes and then days,

Both learned to love without any face.

There were fights, sadness  and struggles,

Situations led them to end this life’s puzzle.

But at last what held them tight,

Was their love which stood like a strong knight.

An year had passed with just messages, calls and letters,

Distance was painful but it gave a hope to feel better.

Their first Valentine’s day was as if it would ruin their hearts,

They sat at the same place but distances apart.

She prayed all day to end this exile,

While he wished to see his beloved, and smile.

This virtual love was not helping her any more,

And He wanted to cuddle, touch and adore.

Memories took her back to the old days,

She desperately wished to meet him today.

He sat near the bed reading her letters,

A knock at the door surprised them together.

Both the happy souls, ran towards their door,

In front of them was a distant road.

A strong gush of wind crossed their face,

With no one but a vacant space.

Looking at the moon in the sky,

They smiled with tears in their eyes.

Making a wish to end this time,

They couldn’t meet each other, this valentine…