Are You Reading The Original Thoughts Of The Writer?

are you reading the original thoughts of the writer

Recently I read a very logical article on LinkedIn. It was about how to write good stories, the most important thing that hit my conscience while reading this article was the levels of changes, editing, proof reading that go around after the writer has finished writing. Of course, this kind of scenario is mostly when there is professional content writing, where the writer begins with something and the whole output turns out to be something else. Just because that article of 500 to 600 words includes the mindset of several levels of approvals. What people get to read is some manipulated set of words. It might be that the blogs you surf daily are not what the writer really wanted to write or the professional content you go through is nothing but thoughts of someone else written totally by someone else!

My point here is not about stopping editing and proof reading but it’s about just reducing the levels. What a writer writes is the flow of words through which he/she wants to convey a thought and for bringing out the thoughts one does not have to be a professional writer but there should be truth and information in their writing. We all understand that people have their own way of thinking and what one thinks is depicted in what one writes. Yes, the levels of editing can focus on grammar, use of words, the validity of facts and figures but it cannot change the essence and the real meaning of the write up.

Being a content writer I have also faced this situation not once but many a times and to tell the truth, this really irritates me. On one hand I think it might be good because number of checks make the content more concrete but on the other hand the final output does not satisfy me. The only reason why I have to publish is because the entire process already takes so much time that in the end I feel like just posting in some or the other way. Well, I know, to bring out the best, one has to stand for what they have written and justify it. And organizations must understand that the best writing is something which is easy to understand and gives a reason to read, no matter it is being written for big tech giants or a second grade kid!



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