Age Is Just A Number

vitthala temple age

vitthala temple age

A friend of mine recently sent me this picture and asked if there was any poem related to it written by me. When I saw it, I was completely enthralled by the beauty of the click captured by him. This picture along with the dusking sky was taken when the evening moon had just risen and the sun was about to set.  It portrays the very famous Vitthala temple situated in Hampi, Karnataka.

The most amazing thing which caught my attention was the 150 year old champa tree which stood there till now with that same might and strength,  enhancing the elegant scenery, hence proving that ‘Age is just a number’…

At that very moment I was short of poem, while writing it I was short of words…

The beauty is immense and I am speechless.

But still I have tried to mould it in my own words…


Guarding its own abode for the years from now

Adorned with pristine, elegant, white flowers

Stands the mighty creature, with its branches to bow.

Under the dusking sky ready to be covered with stars.


As the evening moon rises high

Spreading its own shade around

The temple tells the stories who passes by

With silence in the air without a pinch of sound.


They say, time makes you old

They say, you lose your beauty and strength

They should see this living being, so tall and bold

Enticing the whole world since the day it was meant.


I think, the branches would talk with the pillars

When the night falls, everyday and every year

To share their happiness and sometimes their tears

How to impress the folks coming from far and near.


The urge to convey their legendary tale

Encourages this panorama to never fall and stumble,

Filling every heart with awe and respect

Beholding that Age is just a number…


Photo credits : Akash Khyadi