Thank You Google for Being So Cool!

Google device manager

Google device manager

Reading the heading of my article you might have thought it would be some technical update, or some article featuring the importance of Google, or it would be something about the world of internet and so on. But, no its nothing like that. This write up is a simple incident I want to share with you which happened with me this morning.

 The story goes like this…

As I do not have my own means of conveyance in the city I work, I usually book a cab or an auto rickshaw to reach my workplace. This morning was also the same and I quickly booked an auto rickshaw. It came to my place within few minutes and I managed to reach on time. As I was in a hurry I paid the driver and rushed to enter the office. I reached to my desk and started arranging my things and the moment I checked my bag to take out my cell phone a sudden feeling of fear hit my heart, mind and soul. I could not feel anything like a rectangular shaped device in the bag. My hands started shivering and began to search it all over my bag just hoping to see one glance of it. Albeit my conscious self had realized that it was not anywhere inside it but my unconscious mind was still struggling with every section of the bag. After having a hard time I accepted it was not there and I had left it in the auto only. I stood from my desk and saw everyone else working, I quickly reached out to one of my colleagues who gave me her cell phone to call on my number. After many calls no one picked up my phone on the other side.  Slowly every one present there came to know about this tragedy and the rain of suggestions poured over me.  I was busy managing to listen to each of them like a lost puppy searching for its mother!

Then one of my colleagues suggested to log into Google device manager as it could trace the location of the device if you have logged into the Gmail app through your phone.  Mine was the Android phone and you know Google is the God here. I quickly selected this advice as a source of better help and traced the location  by reaching out to the device manager through my desktop. I had booked the auto through an app and hence I got its number from the receipt on my email id.  I could see some rays of hope and me and my friend rushed to the location as it was nearby. But to my bad luck the auto was nowhere to be seen there. My fingers got numb due to fear and cold and I believed it was gone.

If we listen to others, they give us all such hopes like you can report to the police station, or you can get the phone number of the driver, some even say that get your SIM blocked and do not worry about the data, you should have saved it on the cloud, and the list never ends. But at last you know deep inside that it was your thing and they will not understand its importance. Its not the money, but its my cell phone.

We both stood there for some time and the flashback appeared in front of my eyes, how last year also the same incident had happened with me and I had lost my cell phone forever. That same situation was repeated today but this time I was aware about this app. My friend who was with me suggested me to login to the device manager through his phone. I did so, and it started showing me the location of my phone again and this time I was not going to lose it. We again rushed to the current location and I could not believe my eyes when I saw the same number imprinted on my mind on the number plate of an auto rickshaw parked under a tree. I shouted like a child and told my friend to stop. I could see my beloved cell phone on the back seat. I jumped from the bike like a happy child running for a candy and grabbed my phone in my hands.  I thanked him for suggesting this option and phewwww…I am glad I chose this one!

Many of you might be aware about this app already, but there are many who are unaware of it. Sometimes it happens that when we are panicked we generally do not believe in technology and such apps because we are so stressed that these things appear to us, a time waste. But according to me you should have patience and make use of these latest services which are built for our safety and help. You never know how they can be no less than a miracle.

I am sharing this link to Google app device manager where you can login to your account and track your phone anytime and anywhere:

You can even lock the screen or erase the data from the options provided here.

I returned my office with a happy face, still not believing that I had found my lost phone. There might be some pinch of luck, but I thank Google for being so cool!