Dear Elder Sister, This Is What I Want To Say To You…

elder sister
elder sister 

There’s no doubt our parents are our first caretaker, they give us life and they understand us too, but I think our siblings are those who understand us better. In fact, God knew already, there should be someone with us to be our partner in crime or the first one to defend our crime.  Especially, when our sibling is our elder sister we have that leverage.

So, these words are not only for my elder sister but this is an open letter and a tribute to all of them.

Dear  elder sister,

As the greatest poets have personified life as a flowing river, immortal, and dynamic we all know nothing stays with us, what is left are just a handful of memories. I cherish our good and bad days together, even today. The beauty of those days is that, we were together.   It’s been long and we have not discussed even the smallest secrets of our life as we used to do earlier. You know what? I miss that thing. I remember those days when we were not only each other’s best friends or a support system but the biggest warehouse of each other’s deepest secrets.  We never hesitated, we never hid anything, revealing our mischievous acts in front of each other was our favourite hobby. Whether it was something sad or amusing, or it was utterly shameful, we were each other’s trust factor and yes,  we were each other’s friends in need.

You were the eldest one that’s why you were always overprotected. Parents were afraid to try anything new but they could experiment only on you. You had to undergo many accusations and restrictions like, ‘you were the supporter of all my wrong acts, I had learnt every notorious act only from you, you spent a lot, you were not allowed to go to any friend’s party otherwise you might deviate from your studies, you were not allowed to go on any school trip as they were dangerous for girls’,  and the list would never end. You heard it all but still you loved me. I know you had some grudges against me but you knew you were my elder sister and still managed to create your own life apart from those restrictions.

dear elder sister

When I grew up nothing was so tough. Our parents understood the changing time and allowed me all those things which were restricted to you. They had already done many experiments on you and now were confident enough. So, I was a free bird. This was not fair, I know. You were offensive sometimes but then too you were glad for me. You encouraged me to try new things which you had only heard of. You wanted to see yourself in me, I think… I used to reach out to you for every little or big situation I wanted to know about. When I was confused and even mom dad did not have an answer I knew you would surely have one. I did not even know in what situation you might have been but you always answered even my 2:AM call.

Time flew and our ways parted. You had your own life away from home. I know there would have been many problems and havocs too but you never revealed it now. I understand I was a kid for you and now your problems had become much bigger, far bigger than our silly secrets. I also, never expected to hear any problem from you but was always ready to share mine.

There were many hard times in your life and I should have been there but I never bothered to ask you. When you needed a helping and a shoulder to cry you figured it out on your own. You never complained, you never revolted because you knew you were my elder sister…

Now when you are married and your life has taken a very different turn from mine, from our family, still you are not spared, I know. Still they accuse you if they think I am doing something wrong and still you love me because you know you are my elder sister…

Cheers to these humble souls!!!