Is This Freedom Making Us Independent Or Leading To Something Else?

looking at the night sky

looking at the night sky

This time, this day and this moment is all ours, we love this freedom, we love the essence of it and of course we love ourselves. The latest or so called the modern concept of living away from parents to pursue job, education, earning independently (and even spending independently) fills us with a unique satisfaction that we are cool because we are free.

Free from whom? Our own parents. Free from what? Our own home.

Each and every soul away from home is blindfolded with this thought but we all know the reality. The increasing number of suicides among millennial due to depression and anxiety is the answer to the question. There’s no problem in being independent and helping yourself to stay so, rather its actually appreciable but is this really happening? Once we get hold of our senses our wings just can’t stop to take a flight into the vast and never ending sky. For a moment we do not even bother about any one else, we become selfish. This obsession of ‘fly high and never return’ mindset makes us one of the residents of those unknown cities suffocated with skyscrapers, city lights and the nights where no one sleeps. What happens later is, we become accustomed to this loneliness. No, this is not exactly the real one, it’s into us, in our mind, somewhere deep down. This trend is taking us away from our people and we are loving it in disguise, we do not understand it now and we do not even want to. We all know that the day when we just sit on the terrace looking at the night sky with not many but two or three stars (rest hidden behind the smog) our heart takes a stroll down the memory lane and what we think of is to ‘return home’. But that thought is like a flash of the light house which lasts for a few moments and then changes its direction because we are just indulged into this virtual world created by us.


We are surrounded by friends, colleagues, well wishers (and even enemies) all day and night because we are used to their words, we are used to their flattery and we are used to them. They never deny our decision, walk hand in hand and what do we call them? Partners in crime, yes this is the word and unfortunately no one can take their place. This freedom is lovely, it takes us to an entirely different world from the one where we have lived since our childhood. It does not have rules, it does not ask questions, neither has it gone against us and we longed for this certainly. Now when it’s with us, we can’t set it loose, no matter it is making or ruining us.

We have come quite far, we meet our siblings twice or may be thrice a year, we share our selective secrets, we talk to our parents daily… may be on alternate days that too for a while. This will fade more with time I think, and these meetings and conversations will reduce to just formalities and we will slowly forget their ways just to embrace our own freedom. It feels great when you do everything on your own but there is a part of you which is deviated from the path, there is a part of you which is lost, there is a part of you which is sad. But still we know there will be one day when we will sit on the terrace looking at the night sky with yes just two or three stars and our heart will take a stroll down the memory lane and we will think to ‘return home’ but it would be just a thought again.

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