Save That Fire From Dying Inside…




‘Everyone has that fire inside’, Have you ever realized it?


Then, why do they say it?

It’s time to explore…


You can sit there on the ground
With your dreams all around,
You can close your eyes
And tell them not to rise.

How will you stand in front of yourself
You will have to stretch to reach that shelf,
You can stop and just stand aside
But how will you stop that fire inside?

You can make those stories, you never got a chance
What about when you stepped back at a glance,
You think its a game of losing and winning
But what about the real you within…?

You say he is bias, protects those who praise him
Who saved you when your house was on fire and you were in?
Its time to accept, you have to run far
You have to shine among those shivering stars.

This life is not asking you to reach till death
Its telling to examine the road in depth,
It has not set the rules which you follow
Listen carefully, its shouting to break them tomorrow.

So, why are you quiet, why are you afraid?
Just look inside yourself, you will be amazed
You know what you want, overcome that fear
That one leap, and you are near.

You will feel, your days are just going
Put your legs in the water, stop flowing
You want someone to come and become a reason
Remember, you chose to be here and this life is one.

Time is existence and it is with you
But it is realized only by few
Come let’s fall, stand and run like a child
Let’s save that fire from dying inside!