Celebrity Weddings of 2017 Which Are A Matter of True Love

celebrity wedding

As we all have already journeyed through this whole year, with only a few days remaining for the beginning of the next one, it’s time to ponder over all those ravishing, gloomy, humorous, hectic, adventurous, lazy and God knows what all days left behind. Meanwhile hell lot of incidents happened in this year and amongst all those special days how can we forget the wedding celebrations of our favourite celebs. Well there’s nothing much to think about what happened out there as it would have been perfect, undoubtedly! But their beautifully arranged ceremonies and lavish receptions have given all of us major wedding goals. Having a deep insight into these celebrations has proved one thing that not all Indian weddings are big fat and the show off ones, some of them are the matter of true love!!
So, here is a glimpse of some lovely celebrities who tied the knot with their beloved in a real mesmerising way, all proving out to make their wedding- ‘The wedding of the year!’ not based on the reel but the real love.

The year started with the grand wedding affair of Neil Nitin Mukesh who arranged the entire event in the city of lakes-Udaipur. The New York movie actor fell for Rukmini Sahay and tied the knot in February 2017. The couple captivated the family and friends with their beautiful charisma.

neil nitin mukesh
The Anwar famed actress Nausheed Cyrusi also decided to get hitched this year. She tied the knot with the love of her life Rustom in a secretly planned Parsi wedding. The wedding was an example of happiness on all faces and the blessings of the near and dear ones. What else one needs?

nausheed cyrusi
Gorgeous and absolutely stunning, Riya Sen walked down the aisle with her beloved Shivam Tiwari in August, 2017. The couple arranged to get married in a secret ceremony attended by their family and close friends, stating that marriages are not meant to be pretentious!

riya sen
Tarzan fame actor Vatsal Seth and Firangi fame actress Ishita Dutta were the next in the row, who decided to get married in November, 2017. Amazingly dressed up in the traditional Indian attire both of them made the heads turn on their special day.

vatsal seth
Yet another beautiful couple Zaheer Khan and Sagarika Ghatge promised to spend the rest of the life together this year. Their secretly arranged wedding followed with a grandeur reception included most of the celebs from both sports and the bollywood industry.

zaheer khan1

Though not a low key and hush hush wedding affair, Bharti and Harsh held each other’s hand together forever in a perfect theme based destination wedding. This special and exotic ceremony was quite awaited by their fans, friends and family and trended till almost a week!!


And yes, we all know about this eloquent love affair which turned out to be a miraculous relation at the end of the year in a real secret way, Virat and Anushkha. Of course, no one is ignorant about this special Tuscan wedding, which not only made the two love birds begin a new life but gave billions of their fans major relationship goals!!

virat anushka
Marriages are not meant to be pretentious, coz they are ethereal!!

You Can’t Let Her Go

Be for her

be for her

She is lost, you need to bring her back, because if you lose her, you will lose forever…

That day was like a paradise on earth,

When she met you for the first time.

It was like spring had taken birth,

Again, amidst the heat and sun

You had made her to be like her,

What she had always wanted to be.

That same young, crazy and wild girl,

Forgotten somewhere before you could see.


Her days were like golden sand near the oceans,

And her nights were meant to wait.

She just could not believe in the existence,

Of emotions like jealousy, sadness or hate.


She never gave a second thought,

To undress her imaginations in front of you.

Coz she knew, you were the one,

Among all, to be true.


Ups and downs are a part of life,

She accepted it all and moved on with you.

Trusting on your promises, she kept quiet,

As she had learnt to rely on very few.


You care for her, there’s no doubt,

You made her your queen and stood beside her.

But what happened wrong, why her heart’s sinking down?

She didn’t sleep and wept all night and later.


In love, she sacrificed her priorities,

She came all the way to share her life.

But things are not coming out what you made her to see,

The girl with a clear view, now has boggling vibes.


Your love made her shine, don’t make it a reason  to be lost,

Go, laugh, cry or fight but make her stay.

If she loses you will lose beyond any cost,

As there will be no one to hold you again in the same way.


Remember, how she looked when you first laid your eyes on her,

She was never destroyed and never deserves to be so.

No one could understand you so deep and better, ever,

You know what she means, and you can’t let her go.


So, be in her thoughts, emotions and mind,

She is everything you longed for ever.

Because there was something you couldn’t find,

In yourself and you found it in her.


A Valentine Away From Valentine

valentine away from valentine

valentine away from valentine


For those who are away from their Valentine This Valentine’s Day…

Like blooming flowers in the winters,

Like a lovely song of a singer.

Their love grew for each other,

Like now or never…

They stood together in their highs and lows,

Celebrating each day, whether in joy or sorrows.

But life and love were not easy for them,

Distances widened again and again.

Life demands goals, goals need work,

They decided to move away, to fulfil this dearth.

Moments passed, then minutes and then days,

Both learned to love without any face.

There were fights, sadness  and struggles,

Situations led them to end this life’s puzzle.

But at last what held them tight,

Was their love which stood like a strong knight.

An year had passed with just messages, calls and letters,

Distance was painful but it gave a hope to feel better.

Their first Valentine’s day was as if it would ruin their hearts,

They sat at the same place but distances apart.

She prayed all day to end this exile,

While he wished to see his beloved, and smile.

This virtual love was not helping her any more,

And He wanted to cuddle, touch and adore.

Memories took her back to the old days,

She desperately wished to meet him today.

He sat near the bed reading her letters,

A knock at the door surprised them together.

Both the happy souls, ran towards their door,

In front of them was a distant road.

A strong gush of wind crossed their face,

With no one but a vacant space.

Looking at the moon in the sky,

They smiled with tears in their eyes.

Making a wish to end this time,

They couldn’t meet each other, this valentine…