A Mother’s Words To Her Daughter Of Marriageable Age

Marriageable age

Marriageable age

Marriageable age

This is a topic which probably no girl in her twenties wants to ever talk about… well.. not all but some of you, right? You just want to stay as far as you can from your mother’s words and so called ‘tantrums’. Everytime you sit next to her she will start with some cheesy talks which will eventually lead to a loud argument between you and her and that cold war keeps on sparkling somewhere inside you. You know she loves you beyond your imagination, you know she cares for you beyond your thoughts but sometimes you feel she is irritating.

She is not irritating you, but there are certain thoughts which are not letting her stay calm… she wants to tell you things going on inside her, not letting her sleep… after all, you are her only friend…

I went up to your room last night,
You were awake but under dim lights.

I wanted you to talk to me,
But as you realized, you pretended to sleep.

I did not want to hurt you with my words,
I apologise if I said something even worse.

I cannot stop my thoughts as they flow,
If they are for you , I cannot wait till tomorrow.

You are the only one who is there to listen,
Yes, my dear daughter, you are my only friend.

I know there is no marriageable age for you,
I understand your generation, all bright and new.

I feel proud when you step out and work big,
As I do not know even a single thing.

But I am your mother and I worry,
There are many thoughts I carry.

You do not want me to spend a single penny,
But I also have dreams to see you marry.

Marry you in the most adorable way,
Before my power and strength fade away.

Your dad doesn’t speak about it much,
‘Coz he is not able to find ways as such.

I know you are mature and your dreams are high,
But I am worried, what if you fell for a wrong guy?

You are not a load for me,
But I take you as my responsibility.

You have your own choices and I respect them all,
I am there for you at your first call.

You also know I will not be there forever in this queue,
So, I just want you to meet someone who will be there with you…