Raindrops On Me


Raindrops, whether they are just sprinkling over us or they are gushing down, leave something on our mind. But we lack in appreciating it when it falls on us. We curse the tiny, little, round drops of life for spoiling our plans, for quenching the thirst of our land all day, for leaving everything dirty behind it and the list goes on…

But, what if these would be blessings on us?

Maybe in disguise…

Light showers, cold drops

Touch you from the sky above,

Come out to embrace them

They will tell you how to love.

Thundering clouds not scare you out,

But tell the stories hidden somewhere,

Listen quietly the words they shout,

You will know them better again.

Sparkling drops consume your skin,

Leaving a look of ecstasy.

Feel them trickle down your chin,

This happiness is your legacy.

You’ve forgotten the puddle of mud,

The paperboats you made.

Entangled in the webs so much,

You do not remember the aroma of rain.

Every globule of water,

Splashes to charge you up.

But you do not even bother,

Wipe it away like your old stuff.

They bring with them the colours of rainbow,

And the greenery of vast farms.

Pouring the life on the seeds you sow,

Holding the fruits in their arms.

The rains are here today,

Let’s step out and be free.

Can’t miss the pearls clinging in an array,

I can feel the raindrops on me…