Jaipur…The Place Where I Never Wanted To Stay

Jaipur nahargarh


Jaipur nahargarh

It was 5 years ago when I came to Jaipur and it never fascinated me. Sometimes I found it boring, sometimes over populated and sometimes I complained about the people directly. My hatred towards this land which signifies the complete history of a perfect Rajasthani culture was firm, may be because I was away from my hometown or because I was too early to judge but I had never thought to return.

jaipur palace

After my college ended I was excited to bid that final goodbye to the ethnic streets of the great pink city and never thought of coming back. As they say the thing you never want to do the most, comes  to you in one or the other form, and  I was back here right after six months!!!

jaipur children

How things change, you never know. Time has them and you accept it anyway! So, I was here again due to my job. Gradually the hidden threads opened and I came to know about numerous happening places, incidents and interesting stories this place holds somewhere deep inside.

Well, I am here with this short rhyme about how I feel about Jaipur and how this place became from a reason to go away to a reason to stay.

peacock in jaipur


Behind those magnificent doors with locks

Hides the city of forts and rocks.

A perfect mix of new and old

This place carries many stories untold

Men stand high with rolling mustaches

Women covered up in lehengas with patches.

Aroma of spices lingers in the lanes

Once you visit you will come back again

During day streets are playground for cars

At night they shine under the twinkling stars

City has the talent to serve the guests

Its moving, but it gives time to rest

From little huts to sprawling palaces

Jaipur, no wonder has many parts and phases

Sakrant and Diwali are famous here

With sky full of lanterns and hearts full of prayers.

Being ethnic is this city’s passion

Strangers are also treated with love and compassion

Yes, I know it has some attitude in the air

With beautiful night to gaze and stare

From sour to sweet everything is a specialty

Not one, not two, you will know the meaning of variety

Before, I felt like a nomad here

But soon it introduced me everywhere

This has become a reason to live, a place to roam

I too invite my people here and say “Welcome home”

With thousands of dreams and heart full of hopes

I’ve accepted Jaipur as my safe abode.