Reflections Of You And Me



Rains bring a lot of excitement, don’t you feel that? Whether you are a chirpy soul or the most quiet person, you feel that joy or  something inside when the first showers from the above drench you all over. But why these sudden and simple drops of water bother you so much? Why do you think rains are beautiful? And why on earth am I discussing about rains in this beautiful winter season? Because I am waiting for winter showers and these showers are beautiful because they give birth to reflections! Yeah… the entire earth covered with the thinnest layer of that transparent liquid and we can see the whole world upside down.

You are driving on the busy roads with a warm tight muffler round your neck and a long shining overcoat, suddenly small and cold drops cover the road making it a platform for reflections. You slowly open the window and gaze at the colorful array of lights reflecting on the shiny road and lose yourself somewhere… you stealthily slide into the playground of your soft, cosy and warm imaginations… you see the reflections of trees on the wet ground and you see yours too.

rain reflections

source: kevvo23

This is interesting because this is how you do.  If you have not noticed them during the past rainy season then do not miss them in this winters.

Now you might be thinking why am I focusing on this simple outcome of light rays bending at some angles? This is because these reflections relate to our life.

You go out, you see that water all around, and you stand there for a moment and look at your reflection.  You smile, it smiles, you wave your hand, it waves you back. Whether he is the biggest gangster in the city or the simplest man in the world his reflection will always be his subordinate. Whether its you or me they tell about us in our way.

This is how everything goes, in this world of ours, what we make, what we do, how we want people to see things all depends on our actions and this is how we appear to them. We are the reflection of our actions…