Your Interests May Not Be His Interests

looking at each other

looking at each other

Are you again upset today, feeling dejected? Is there sadness all around you or somewhere in your heart? Is there something not letting you stay calm? These feelings surround you everyday and make you do ‘things’ and you know what I mean. Yes, you are right there- you fight, get irritated,  leave your work incomplete, eat a lot or go to sleep, right? The root cause of all these situations is – he did not appreciate your work (it can be even the smallest one which no one can notice). To be worse, he did not even bother to look at your efforts.

You wake up with an enthusiasm of doing your best and  unfolding it in front of him expecting that he will be surprised and  mesmerised. (even if you present something very normal), like really? In the end when he doesn’t even notice, your expectations come crashing down and then, those ‘things’ happen.

So, dear girls and fully matured women too, everyone knows, you like to be pampered every now and then. It’s right, it’s lovely and to be more accurate it’s too cute. But here you are being quite stone hearted. It might be possible that he is not interested in your field, your work. This not at all means he is not interested in you. You take things in that way, suffer the consequences yourself and of course, make him suffer too. The toughest part of this situation for him is, when you behave in an unusual manner and he asks the reason, you just beat around the bush and try to make the air so gloomy as if the world is coming to an end.

You are a girl and naturally you like to know more about others (this is very correct). This is the reason you keep on asking about his plans, his work and even compliment him when you find that he is doing good and in return you expect the same.  Here you will have to understand that men are little (or sometimes too) sophisticated. It can happen even with you when he is about to tell you about his efforts and accomplishments and you are not there to listen. But just analyse, he will not panic or make it a big issue. He will just let it go and wait for another day and this is the fact.

Whether you are a designer, writer, or you do something technical and he is a businessman, a manager, a lawyer or a scientist, his ways will be totally different than yours. Just think, Both of you have entirely different dreams to achieve. So, achieve them on your own. This does not mean you do not need each other’s support, of course, you do, but wanting his attention everytime at every single step is difficult. Infact, share it with your friends working in the same field and I think this can help you get better ideas and even compliments. The more you succeed the more he will be relieved. Don’t worry, In the end, you will find him always with you.

And dear men, a small message to you – if she likes to be appreciated, especially by you then do so, try to understand emotions at least sometimes or a little more,  just for her