Why Should You Encourage Gender Diversity?

The nation is already at the peak of its development but the issue of gender diversity still has to go miles to get resolved. What does gender diversity actually means? It is not exactly about the same ratio of men and women at any organization but it is about their promotions, opportunities, salaries, hiring and a lot more at the same ad fair rate. A report by Pink Ladder stated that over 90% of women in India aspire to become CXOs but only 1.5% has actually attained that position. To add more, the companies leaded by women have recorded a return on equity of 10.1% per year vs 7.4% for those who do not have women leaders. Not only in India, researches on gender diversity have also been conducted by the World Economic Forum and according to it, 20% of Fortune 500 board members are women which also prove that gender diverse companies make more money.

Forty percent of the global workforce is female yet only 5% is at the CEO position. Representation of women at senior levels has always been a question and needs to be resolved as soon as possible. The more diverse a team is, the more it is likely to roll out best business decisions. A research by Forbes states that more diverse and innovative teams make better decisions 87% of the time, which are quick and deliver 60% better results. And of course, if the decisions are better, returns are always bigger.

Now, if only a slight difference in workforce by adding more women can bring out such results, encouraging other genders will definitely open a door to more business. Looking at the benefits of bridging the gap between men and women in the corporate world, it appears that the organizations must understand the strong need of it and work relentlessly on this matter. Many organizations have taken relevant steps to bridge this gap but despite so many efforts being made to improve the female count there was a shocking estimation by the World Economic Forum in 2017, stating that the economic gender gap would not be closed for 217 years. Have you ever thought what can be the reasons of such a disappointing fact? In a research conducted by PWC it was mentioned that around 43% of women indicated unfair and biased decisions made by the employer in the favour of men when it comes to promotions. There are no senior level female members to whom other female employees can look up to if they want to grow within the company. Organizations take this matter as the primary concern of the HR department and think they are responsible for all this but do you know what is still holding the women back? Their workplaces where the work environment is much responsible and not suitable for women.

Issues will never end but the companies must take gender diversity as a critical concern and consider it as a business priority. It should not be restricted only within the HR or just as another function; it has to be dealt at the CEO level. Once the organizations understand the priority of this issue, bridging this wide gap would be a lot easier. It’s nothing like I am a feminist or I think women are much capable than any other gender, but this is the need of every minute passing by. Infact, it’s nothing related to gender it’s more about bringing different people with varying thoughts together to nurture the future. It’s about collecting the power of plethora of imaginations.

We only need to understand that Gender diversity will always be rewarding…

You Can’t Let Her Go

Be for her

be for her

She is lost, you need to bring her back, because if you lose her, you will lose forever…

That day was like a paradise on earth,

When she met you for the first time.

It was like spring had taken birth,

Again, amidst the heat and sun

You had made her to be like her,

What she had always wanted to be.

That same young, crazy and wild girl,

Forgotten somewhere before you could see.


Her days were like golden sand near the oceans,

And her nights were meant to wait.

She just could not believe in the existence,

Of emotions like jealousy, sadness or hate.


She never gave a second thought,

To undress her imaginations in front of you.

Coz she knew, you were the one,

Among all, to be true.


Ups and downs are a part of life,

She accepted it all and moved on with you.

Trusting on your promises, she kept quiet,

As she had learnt to rely on very few.


You care for her, there’s no doubt,

You made her your queen and stood beside her.

But what happened wrong, why her heart’s sinking down?

She didn’t sleep and wept all night and later.


In love, she sacrificed her priorities,

She came all the way to share her life.

But things are not coming out what you made her to see,

The girl with a clear view, now has boggling vibes.


Your love made her shine, don’t make it a reason  to be lost,

Go, laugh, cry or fight but make her stay.

If she loses you will lose beyond any cost,

As there will be no one to hold you again in the same way.


Remember, how she looked when you first laid your eyes on her,

She was never destroyed and never deserves to be so.

No one could understand you so deep and better, ever,

You know what she means, and you can’t let her go.


So, be in her thoughts, emotions and mind,

She is everything you longed for ever.

Because there was something you couldn’t find,

In yourself and you found it in her.


And They Say Be Bold For Change!

International women's day

International women's day

The day to respect, appreciate, honour and respect women has finally arrived. Another year, another motto, but with the same date is here and the entire internet, social media platforms and messaging apps are loaded with infinite wishes and quotes, all shouting out just one thing… #BeBoldForChange!

Oh! You have also just posted the same, tagging your moms, girlfriends, friends, sisters and daughters. Well, you just get one day to do so. What about the other days? The world on the screen is totally different than the world deep down. Yes, you know that but who really cares? Not even me. The motto for this women’s day says ‘Be Bold For Change’, meaning, ‘you yourself have to fight to bring out the change you want’. There’s nothing wrong in it but don’t you smell hopelessness here?

International women's day
Hopelessness because when the authorities or the governing people out there, understood that they could not bring both the genders to the equal level, no matter how hard they try, they initiated this concept. Go help yourself!
This is true that you have to fight for a cause and there will be no one to hold you everytime, but do you think the serious issue to treat everyone with equality and majorly to protect women can be handled like this? No, those people or I must say the women who really want the change in their lives and who genuinely need this message are somewhere far away from this world of internet. They do not know that today is their day; they do not know that the world is fighting for their rights on the internet; they do not know that by being bold they can change their horrific life!

Till the time you will write a post to raise your voice, a gang rape would have already taken place, a woman would be killed by her in laws and a girl would be denied education. Thousands of dreams would have already come to an end even before they could be seen… and you say she has to be bold to change all of this.

She was bold since the day she came into this world but what made her weak is the world itself. She has been fighting for her rights for long but I don’t think it’s helping her. Everyone takes a stand if there is something wrong against him or her. But the issue which needs to be solved here is not about an individual, it’s not anyone’s personal problem, its about the other half of the world, it’s about women…

So, today, don’t just tell her to be bold for a change, in fact, try it yourself too. There is still a lot to be done by every one of us.

#NotAllMen But its Definitely #AllWomen




‘Another scream, another shout, yet no one to hear, yet no one to come out’

These are the words which were being shouted by that girl’s heart who became another case to be registered and disappear in those police records, tattered files and court formalities.

That day I was sitting in my room and watching that CCTV footage released online of a girl being molested in Bengaluru on the new year’s eve. Suddenly one of my friends came into my room and asked in surprise, ‘did you hear that news?’ I made a very sad face and nodded my head in distress. She continued , ‘Dhoni has left the captainship, he was a great captain, I will miss him as a captain though’. My facial expressions changed and I was confused.  She was sad because M.S. Dhoni was no more the captain of the Indian cricket team and I was sad because just another man had done a very hideous act in the same country. See the irony, on one hand men in India are making the country feel proud of them and on the other they can’t even be compared to a cruel animal.

Yes, I know there are already many posts, blogs which have served with this news in their own decorative style and yes along with that video, but I am not writing it just as a post. The day I came to know about the incident me and my friend kept on watching it again and again. I am also a girl, my age does not matter but what matters is that I am a girl. I could feel each and every word her heart was shouting at the moment she was grabbed by those goons. Even the people standing there watching everything happen could not hear those voices.  They were safe within the boundaries of their own residence.  This footage was captured in the CCTV cameras of a house in that locality. The owner of the house filed this case to the police. It means that girl never came in front. Why? She might be feeling ashamed and embarrassed just because the rule says it should be like this.  No one can measure the mental trauma of that poor soul. Who knows where is she? Did she even share this pain with anyone? Was she able to sleep that night or even till now? Those two men just threw her on the ground like a statue and did not look back. How much she got hurt, did she bleed? We have no answers. She just wanted a helping hand but those peeping heads out of their houses were as silent as the winter air. The media is busy talking about the incident, but no one cares about the girl.

People from small cities and towns move to these metropolitan cities with a dream to prove themselves and yes women are also among them.  But the problem with them is, they are alone.  Yes, I was filled with rage to burst out abusive words to those men cum devils but it filled me with fear too. I am also a woman living away from my hometown. Till now I was carefree and never thought so much before taking a cab, or walking alone on the streets but I think now I will give it a second thought. I feel helpless now and I even find every other man suspicious. I think I am becoming fainthearted…How should I react?

She was held tightly by a single man, she even tried to run but she was not able to. I could see the power she applied but all her strength was in vain. Some Folks said she should have ran away fast, she should have carried a knife, she should have kicked those goons hard and so many things but, dear folks, I want to make it clear that when this happens, the mind stops, body is numb and decision making power ? I think it’s not to be discussed.

The question is Why she should do such things at the first place? Why can’t she live alone? Why do you want her to watch TV and sit at home on the new year’s eve while her friends can party all night?

And this has nothing to do with feminism, nothing to do with the city or any place on this earth its a simple question on humanity!