The Introvert

When he was a school kid he longed for ‘cool’ friends

You know…those who would be the naughtiest yet the smartest.

Those friends who would do anything for one another

Be both reckless and happening at the same time.

Who would bring gifts, come overnight and even bunk,

Share every page of their books, dresses and chocolate chunks

And his desire made him find one, where he tried to adjust but couldn’t.

May be he was not as ‘cool’ as them

But yes, he tried his best to pretend.

There were parties, gifts and pranks but he was not a part of them,

he tried, tried a lot but couldn’t.

As years passed and he moved to places, his search narrowed his urge to get just one best friend

Time passed and he met a girl whom he thought could be the one,

But again for him there were no term like ‘girlfriends’.

He hesitated but tried to be with her

and slowly they became good friends.

He could share each and every thought with her

She even came anytime for him, give surprises, gifts and presents

She became a major part of his life and he became hers,

After long he had got this feeling to be really special for someone.

And it was the best one ever….ever!

Just like he had imagined since then.

But things did not go good after a while

He spoke everything to her and maybe that was his mistake

But they were best friends after all

Was it all fake?

He realized it was his problem

To open up in front of that one person whom you thought was only for you

There were gaps, glitches that made them strangers

And he was standing at the starting point again.

Introducing himself,’ Hello! I am the Introvert.’











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