The Moonlight In My Balcony



It’s been long since I wrote my heart out,

This silver shadow in my balcony ,

Striking the window and reaching the couch

Has encouraged once again to pick up my pen and begin the journey.


It’s winters now and the cool moonlight

Bestows itself around 7 in the night

Littering the eastern sky with undying hope and a feeling to fly


This moonlight has a remarkable presence.

Even if my doors are closed I can feel and sense,

The sense of curiosity, energy, patience and love

The sense of kindness, regularity and being there above.


To keep it with me always, to capture its beauty within me

I click like a thousand pictures, come what may

To not to lose it and adore it like a baby.


As the night rises in the huge grey space

The mesmerising silver hue draws me closer to its charm and grace,

With the rising darkness comes cold and shiver

Where I walk in back, closing the doors even quicker.


But as I turn around again to fancy,

I see the moonlight not in the sky but in my balcony.


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  1. Sana Hussain 6 months ago

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