The Skullcap On My Head

the skullcap on my head


A 16 year old boy did not know that this year his shopping for Eid would be the last one. He did not know that he was living in a polluted society, he did not know that his life would end without a reason.

This poem is the voice of a boy being stabbed to death in a fully crowded train, just in the name of religion…


With my skullcap on and bags in my hands,

I took a train with my friends to reach our land.

Eid was near, we were happy like a child,

With celebration and fun on our minds.


The train- jam packed like hell,

With daily commuters and their lingering smell.

After hours of standing with my dull face,

I decided to talk, if they could give some space.


Hard voices crossed my ears,

They abused my skullcap, I broke down to tears.

I could not understand what they were talking about,

But they called me names and had doubts.


‘Anti-national’, he said to me,

And kicked hard on my knees.

My friends tried to pull them off,

But they were men who were strong.


My eyes in pain, looked here and there,

If someone would come and save us here.

But to my awe, the loaded train,

Seemed to be empty, my voices were in vain.


They watched me cry, crying for help,

But their faces were calm, ignoring my yelp.

A sharp thing drilled through my stomach,

Oh no! I was full of pain and blood.


Faces of my abba and ammi flashed in front of me,

My mind showed me my beautiful memories.

I could hear the faint voices but could not recognize,

As that was it, I was unable to fight.


They still kicked me hard on my legs,

Till I fell down to death.

I had many dreams to fulfil,

But they were shattered on his will.


In the name of religion, they killed me for nothing,

I was just a small boy waiting for Eid celebration.

What was my fault, my heart was confused,

Why it was only me, they abused.


But  I knew I was dead,

Because of the skullcap on my head.

Take my body to my home dear friends,

Allah! Is this how my life had to end!


PS: Junaid Khan, a 16 year old boy and his friends were travelling back to their hometown from Delhi after Eid shopping in a heavily crowded train, where some goons accused them of carrying beef in their bags without any clue. These people attacked them with knives, in which Junaid was brutally stabbed to death. Later his body was thrown 30 Kms away from Delhi.









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