Vitthal’s Kitchen-A Ray Of Hope For The Differently Abled And An Inspiration For All


Vitthal’s Kitchen…

Sometimes knowingly or unknowingly we come across such people, things or places that are never to be forgotten. They are so inspiring and unique that you just can’t keep them to yourself, you need to share and let the world know. So, I also came across this restaurant in Jaipur which is one of a kind not only because of its scrumptious food and attractive ambience but also because of the idea and a noble thought it conveys to all of us. The thought that ‘Hope is the ultimate power’.


Vitthal’s Kitchen located opposite Laxmi Mandir Cinema not only serves you with food but also HOPE.

It was Saturday when me and one of my friends were searching for good veg restaurants near Lalkothi  and found out about Vitthal’s Kitchen. We reached and entered the place, at this time we did not have any idea that the staff here was a group of some differently abled people who could not listen and speak. As soon as we both seated ourselves , one of the members came with a huge smile on his face and gave us the menu and told us that he could not speak and listen hence we had to write our order and place. I was deeply pleased by this gesture and was happy that we chose this restaurant to have our dinner.

 As we placed our order and waited for our food to arrive, one of them headed to us and asked to write our names and tell him in the special sign language. This was really interesting as they also told us whether we were perfect at it or not.

Before the dinner they served with their special, tangy and spicy Jaljeera in a small pot, which just pepped up the overall flavour of the food.  We ordered Butter Tandoori Roti, Kadhai Paneer and Dal Tadka which was so delicious that I forgot to click the pictures.

Apart from all this, later I got to know that the person who had attended us in the restaurant named Enayat had been a gold medalist in Special Olympics 2009, held in USA which was indeed unbelievable for me.

And The hero behind this noble thought is Mr. Ashish Vitthal Sharma, the owner of the restaurant. In a short conversation with him I got to know that a few years ago he had met a group of these people who talked to each other in their own sign language and they were as happy as a child. He thought to give them a chance and let them know that where there’s hope there’s a way. Ashish also told us that about one and a half years ago he started this restaurant but initiated employment for them after the restaurant was well established because he did not want to use their disability as a business promotion tool. And this thought moved me to share this noble story here.

Ashish denotes all of his staff members as ‘Rockstar’ and I think there’s no doubt in this.

Here are a few clicks of Ashish and the ‘Rockstars’…



staff with Ashish

The Gold medalist- Enayat

Next time when your belly yearns for really good food, without a second thought, head to Vitthal’s Kitchen.


29-A,Opp.Laxmi Mandir Cinema,Tonk Road

Jaipur, Rajasthan, India


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  1. Thanks a lot shrishti for your visit and noticing our little effort. After taking this initiative I literally came to know that people are really good at heart. 100 out of 100 customers support us by their words and their smiles and those smiles boost me n my Rockstars. Whenever I feel down I just look at them and start conversation with them with my little known sign language and Haaaaaa…… I forget all my worries.
    Thanks a lot shrishti for giving us a chance to serve you. God bless you.

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