You Can’t Let Her Go

be for her

She is lost, you need to bring her back, because if you lose her, you will lose forever…

That day was like a paradise on earth,

When she met you for the first time.

It was like spring had taken birth,

Again, amidst the heat and sun

You had made her to be like her,

What she had always wanted to be.

That same young, crazy and wild girl,

Forgotten somewhere before you could see.


Her days were like golden sand near the oceans,

And her nights were meant to wait.

She just could not believe in the existence,

Of emotions like jealousy, sadness or hate.


She never gave a second thought,

To undress her imaginations in front of you.

Coz she knew, you were the one,

Among all, to be true.


Ups and downs are a part of life,

She accepted it all and moved on with you.

Trusting on your promises, she kept quiet,

As she had learnt to rely on very few.


You care for her, there’s no doubt,

You made her your queen and stood beside her.

But what happened wrong, why her heart’s sinking down?

She didn’t sleep and wept all night and later.


In love, she sacrificed her priorities,

She came all the way to share her life.

But things are not coming out what you made her to see,

The girl with a clear view, now has boggling vibes.


Your love made her shine, don’t make it a reason  to be lost,

Go, laugh, cry or fight but make her stay.

If she loses you will lose beyond any cost,

As there will be no one to hold you again in the same way.


Remember, how she looked when you first laid your eyes on her,

She was never destroyed and never deserves to be so.

No one could understand you so deep and better, ever,

You know what she means, and you can’t let her go.


So, be in her thoughts, emotions and mind,

She is everything you longed for ever.

Because there was something you couldn’t find,

In yourself and you found it in her.


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